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In several countries music festivals die like flies in hot summer windows. They either close before even opening – or they go bancrupt with slim possibilites to pay artists and suppliers. Why? Is it the file sharing again??? I think not. And there are lessons to learn in many businesses. Maybe even in yours!

Most festivals start off with enthusiasts and extremely slim budgets. Based on a belief in certain areas of music, they are able to attract fans of certain acts. Marketing is hardly needed. Fans show up. Word of mouth works well.

Then – what happens? More festivals arise. Sounds familiar with your own business? Further on – staff often changes as the festival grows. Need for larger sound equipment (but have you EVER heard ANY band or festival check with the audience?) which calls for a completely other budget… Hence the large budget – wearyness may spread. “Better safe than sorry” brings  broad acts, securing ticket sales.

The result? A number of open air festivals with similar acts, expecting their fans to pay for the same stuff – several times. Hey?

Are you even close to this – beware!

The solution?
1. Revies your driving forces and strategy: We need to return to basics – why are we doing this? Who ‘s our customer? Sounds familiar? Yes, Simon Sinek talks about this in his findings – the golden circles!

2. Avoid “me too”: Dare to be different. With your history, driving forces and – your resoures: What are you capable of?

3. Involve ALL! All your staff needs to be involved in the daily work. At all times. Who to involve first? Your customer!!!

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