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No-one have missed the heavy critisism Mayor Bloomberg (in New York) for how he’s handling the aftermath of the 2010 Blizzard. New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie: “I don’t regret going to Disney World during snowstorm”. He’s under heavy pressure for not being present when the storm hit New Jersey but rather taking his family to Disneyworld. In the first instance, some say “you can not spend the amount of money on preparations for a storm that only happens once in a 20-year period. Now, I agree with that. In the second instance, I could accept an apology and a comment like “Preparations were in place and I have the deepest respect for my staff and the performed very well – and I was prepared to take the next flight home, should that become necessary.”

Point: If you’re a manager, a leader – then you need to be with your people. It that is impossible for any reason, delegate – and do it well! For some reason – both my upcoming books are right in the hot pot of issues like these!

What’s your opinion on this subject/these subjects?

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