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This is the third and (probably) final part of the three step discussion on “iPad or Air”? So, lets drop the iPad for a moment and look closer to the MacBook Air. I picked the 11.6 inch since…

1. I already use a 13 inch from time to time
2. I need to know the implications a 11 inch screen has on my work

1. The screen:
The ordinary, very powerful screen. Blank, but if this bothers you, why not try a screen protector from the iPad protective product area? I belong to the people that prefer the crispy claer screen. Very clear, possible to use for serious office work in all light conditions tried so far. Love it!

2. Connectors/interfaces:
A BIG step forward are the TWO USB ports. I now easily copy huge amounts of data between my Photo and Music Hard Drives. Didn’t expect to use my Air for this but backup needs really indicates this will happen pretty often… The Air also goes well with my photo gear (Canon). Only inconvienence: the MagSafe® connector needs to be directed out of the protection of the Mac Book Air body. Minor disadvantage in the office, trickier on the field.

3. Market place proven/value second hand
I believe this Mac Book Air proves itself better in the market place than the last one. Price, performance, form factor, interfaces all make this a considerably stronger product than the previous Airs. (I have owned two of the older ones, both with SSD drives – which i just LOVE!)

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