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If you hate computers buet love what they do – get an iPad

If you’re activities can’t take ANY strike in terms of downage, unsynch.. – get an iPad

If you’re activities include a lot of writing – get an Air.

If you need a complement to your stationary Mac – and still write a lot – get an Air.  If reading is your major break-away task – get an iPad

So what did I get – all. But that’s another story. I travel a lot and make use of all of their features!

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It’s inspiring to compare these devices – the  iPad and Macbook Air  – do you want some more?

When going for a new computer there are a few questions you may consider:

First question – what are your needs/what are your preferred performance?
Second question – how experienced are you? – Prepared for “plug and play” or “plug and pray”?
Third question – comparing with your current standard: pro’s and con’s with existing solution?

Some advantages that I see in Air:

Stylish. You will be happy every single time you open it And that happiness often spreads to neighbors at cafes and other public places.
Instant on. No waiting – all is up and running in fractions of a second
Sturdy. The mechanical finish brings great trust in the machine
Excellent, crisp screen. It’s bright, color accurate and with great resolution. Readable in bright sunlight and at wide viewing angles.
Good battery life. Not as good as the iPad, but if you disconnect wlan and reduce screen light you usually have five hours of operation
Interfaces. (I may be repeating myself here)
Two USB ports. One up from last Air model. And it is not irrelevant. Many times I had to choose when in the field – should I charge my iPhone or use the drawing board. Great step!
Mini-Display port. Same as the last Airen – and the other MacBook Pro: makers. A move to when to run beamer, but affordable, I think.

Some disadvantages:

The text gets smaller. Sometimes it is possible to zoom with finger gestures, but not always

The keyboard is not illuminated.
If you do not learn the correct fingering, this can become annoying. How annoying is probably a matter of opinion. In many situations, one can tilt the screen so that the display light lets you see the key definitions. If you write with normal fingering, this is a minor problem. I reacted at first but now not at all.

No touch screen. (As this started off as a comparison to the iPad) We are starting to become accustomed to iPad interface. Contradictive to what Apple’s said – I believe in touch screens also in vertical screens.  Just look at the ASUS laptop at CES show in Las Vegas this January 2011 – they showed a laptop with two interactive touch screens – and no keyboard in the traditional manner.

Limited memory – RAM. You can beefs up to 4GB, but will not be in the vicinity of the 8 you can provide a Macbook Pro. The effect varies depending on what you run the program, really heavy image and video editing is not Airens main areas. Still, the experience when using an SSD “hard drive” is – a very fast machine!

Simpler processor. You do not have the power of the MBPs. But few probably plan on running PhotoShop on their Air.

Limited memory – HD. A new trend for me is going for less storage on the Mac, but more in the cloud. As I don’t trust Apple’s service iDisk (Please FIX IT! It simply doesn’t synch the way it should!) – I got myself a Pro Account at Dropbox.com – 50GB houses most important files from now on.

CD / DVD player missing. Yes, it is – if you like to rip your CDs or put DVD movies on your PC this may be a problem. If less access to DVD is your model – pairing with both Mac and PC is very simple and fault free. A separate DVD drive is avialable as well, affordable – but you’ll probably find as did I – it’s not been used more that once or twice…

Some final tips and hints:

Stylish can be worn. Make sure to protect your Air well.
The “apple” inside. Always a Mac with ‘apple’ inside of your bag. I’ve got a Mac seriously damaged as a person hit the the apple and thereby damaged the screen from behind.
Flatten your battery. Let the battery go down compeletely once or twice a month. Whatever is said – it seems to have an effect on the charge depth.
Unplug. If you run your laptop often stationary – disconnect the power from time to time. The batteries are doing (like us) well to get “exercise” too …

I wish you many, happy hours with your Air! (or iPad, should you prefer it…)

Johan, San Francisco Jan 10, 2010

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