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In my daily work as a traininer, coach and inspirer in leadership, I often get questions like “how do we make this last?” or conlusions like “yes!!! this is just GREAT – but it won’t last!” or even “I don’t want to raise their expectations – we always go back to “normal””. Now, of course – we often find means of changing this, but I think you’re pretty familiar with the statements made.

An easy answer to all this: find a philosophy, build a structure – and dare to live your passion. By doing so, you will attract others believing in the same as you. I will continue to bring out great leaders – as I see them. This time – I go for a free-time activity leader. Well, for us that is. Brian is into music. INTO. Born in Brooklyn, I guess he from the start got musical influence. I have to get to know more about that.

Now, Brian Kramer started something in a pretty small bar in Stockholm, Sweden. Probably over ten years ago, he ignited a star on the sky of blues. I wasn’t around for  the start but currently it’s a supernova bringing light all over town. As all initiatives with passion, it sparks off into other activities. And when you’re passionate about something, even you may have conflicts. Good thing, as musicians find each other, new acts find life!

If the Satudays at Stampen in the Old Town of Stockholm wasn’t enough, Brian also arranged a supporting concert in October 2010 for the support of Jenny Bohmans expensive treatments for her very serious cancer state. Sadly, about a month later, Jenny passed away, leaving a true treausury of music and feelings.

And there’s still support to be given to her family. You may join in at the event on January 30. If there’s a wish for it – I will check opportunities to stream it to those of you who aren’t around. More info:

First, here’s a message from Brian on Facebook:

Brian Kramer January 12 at 6:49am ReplyReport
“Hey all,
The event is coming together, shaping up and all that.
Just a note to inform all those who are schedualed to perform, I will have specific details and an order for you all next week.
Anyone who I overlooked at this point please send me a note, there’s a lot of folks and details!
For the general public you are in for a real treat (check the artist list so far!).
It’s gonna be an absolute blast! The party to end all parties!
A Celebration fit for a Queen of the Blues!
Lookin’ forward,
more on the event:
Sunday, January 30 at 7:00pm – January 31 at 1:00am

Location Debaser Medis -Main room (Medborgarplatsen)

Created By

More Info
So far this is a list of confirmed guest artists; 

Yonder, Louise Hoffsten, Peder Af Ugglas, Tony Ellis, Clas Yngström, Emil Aarvidsson, Maria Blom, Eric Hansson, Richard Daneilson, Diego Rodriguez, Annika Jessen, Khaled Habib, Jon Ben Berger, Micke Hujanen, Fanny Holm, Stevie Klasson, Chuck Anthony, Lotta Partapuoli & Mia Kempff of the Blue Beans, Helene Bohman Blomqvist, Nevada Cato, Brian Kramer, Zak Keith, Derreck Walker, Björ…n Werngren & Monaco Blues Band, Lolita Ray, Lo Kivikas, Ivan Jezek, (more coming!).

There will be an All-Star, Mega Jam later in the evening Backed by Brian Kramer Band XXXL

Jennys önskade sig en fest för vänner och fans!
30/1 bjuder familjen in till en Musikalisk minnesfest på Debaser!
Vi har bett Brian Kramer att hjälpa oss att koordinera evenemanget. Han kommer att ha kontakten med artister och musiker.
Mer detaljerad info kommer inom några veckor.

-Hélène Bohman Blomqvist


Jenny’s wish is to have a music party & celebration for her friends and fans!
Sunday January 30th 18.00 to 1.00 we are arranging to have a big celebration at Debaser Medis (the main room). We have asked the assistance of Brian Kramer to help coordinate this event, music guests and other details.
Brian will be in touch with performers and we will have more specific details within the next few weeks.
This is going to be a wonderful celebration of the life and music of our beloved Jenny Bohman!

-Hélène Bohman Blomqvist

…Please pass this on to those who know and appreciate Jenny & want to join in the celebration!
…The Party Is NOT Over!


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One of my gurus and thought if not leaders at least great inspirors, Jeff Jarvis coined the expression “What would Google do?” in his book with the same title. The idea being, if your company was Google – how would you do what you are currently up to? To copy the business strategy of a winner, a strategy of openness – often releasing services in beta minus status, for us to try – and improve. Signs of a brave leadership – amitting “we don’t know everything, you are the experts!” (and of course they are right – all development is done by co-ooperation with your customers. Believing something else (or – worse: acting it!) often leads to stagnation, loss of focus and customer orientation.

Now, there are more companies to follow. Interesting enough, that company is in many ways as far away from Google as one might come. Apple runs a completely different strategy. One of closed ….

Nevertheless – they deliver products their customers love. They’ve come so far in customer relationships and acceptance they’d get lines of followers on the release of iBike for your spring hikes or iSink for your kitchen.

You may not have the size of Apple or the resources of Google. But your brains may work the same!

Let’s analyze for a bit:

Google – open, crowd-based invention and development
Google releases half-ready services for you to co-operate to create the final solution. Would that work for you? Huge user groups of formercomputer giants were around in the 70’s – they could be re-used. Your interaction with customers holds great values – are they utilized today?
Can I follow the Google strategy?
I certainly can! I can open up and perform crowd-thinking on my services. I certainly do that on the coming book on my LUCK concept. And feedback is just SOO challenging. There’s always another perspective to capture. The cost? Courage is needed. Trust in my co-workers.

Apple – store for simplicity, credibility and integration
Apple creates happiness and pleasure each time you download great software or apps from the App Store or Mac Store. Not only the functionality builds the experience – but the simplicity and low hurdles from idea not only to action but integration in current processes. There – most of us have great things to learn.

Can I make use of the Apple strategy?
The great thing is YES I can! As says Daniel Pink in his excellent book “Free Agent Nation” (read it!). Pink makes clear the technological and sociological structures enabling large corporation services by freelancing individuals. A simple store of stuff ready for use can be provided today by anyone able to use WordPress. Customers – existing, prospects, and possible customers should all be able to access material – some free of charge – at your site. Should all be free? Not necessarily, but the free stuff is you new marketing. Moving away from telling what we stand for – we show it by deeds. This means for large corporations moving resources (read: staff, money, power of structures, power of managers) from one department to another, from marketing to core activities. The good thing being – if we focus well on our key competencies and make them obvious – we may be more focused, more customer oriented – and spamming our customer base less with pretty worn out “corporate b-s”.

The core is our new Marketing!

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Ja, Virgin Mobile erbjuder en rätt ny tjänst. Dels får du access till internet via 3G, dels kan du dela med dig av det wlan apparaten skapar lokalt. Kan ju vara bra om ni är en familj som reser, arbetskollegor som vill hålla kontakten med tjänster hemma.

Läs mer här: http://www.virginmobileusa.com/mobile-broadband/mifi-2200.html

149 US-dollar för själva apparaten, stor som en tändsticksask.
Därefter köper du acccess – 40 dollar för 30 dagar. Om du inte fyller på inom de 30 dagarna kommer du tappa ditt mobilnummer men du får ett nytt nästa gång du köper, så det ska inte vara något problem.

Så – nu kan du få fri dataacess för 40 dollar i en månad! Nu återstår att se hur bra täckning de har. Jag hade vissa problem på mitt hotell på Market Street här i San Francisco, så vi får se ….

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