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Heard of “Change Management”? You need only to check Amazon.com to see the vast range of titles digging into this area of human development. We’ve all experienced change – in all aspects of life. Often we develop, moving into new areas of activity. We get promoted, fired, change life style – or get to be parents. For most people, change that comes pretty naturally.

So what about change i organisations and corporations? Well, this and a few coming days I will do something I rarely do: apply total focus in ONE area. That area is CHANGE. Of course, as a manager for approx 15 years and consultant for another 10, I know what change is about. But I want to learn more – to get to the very core of change.

My first take: I believe there is a lot to learn from distinguishing Change Management from Change Leadership.

What are your views on this – so far?

(to be continued…)

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