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Amber MacArthur – used to hear her recommend great sites with Leo Laporte at Twit TV a couple of years ago… This is an article I believe all running a business really should dig into. Are you on top of your business? I passion around – daily? Are you hiring the right staff?
Are you in a similar position – with all our business – or just with segments of our customers? You “own your market” and you’re early. But competition’s running up. What to do?

As internet changes terms of business in several areas today home for a multitude of suppliers soon will find one to three suppliers owning as much as 80% of the market.

How is this possible? What are the driving forces – except internet opportunities? I believe PASSION will be their driving force – as described by Simon Sinek in this presentation.

(I am still amazed there are people out there that haven’t yet discovered TED.COM – are you amongst them? I envy you!)

As Simon Sinek, I too have been thinking and observing. And his “Golden Circle” has meant so much this last year, convincing me we are on the right path. Thanks, Simon! And wiht structures as I propose them in “The LUCK concept”

So what went wrong at MySpace? Well, it’s certainly not over. But were passion around? What were the drivning forces of the company? Were they committed to their cause – spreading the “why” message, living it daily?

I’m very curious!

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