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I read yesterday kids do not see seven miracles – the see seven MILLION wonders. With the LUCK model – I see seven billion… All human beings are truly unique. Born to this world with a pre-wired brain that adopts, looses a lot of the wiring, just to get some new replacing them. We want to make place for this variety of brains and release the creativity

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I promised to follow up on this post on the proposal to work more on Change Leadership than Change Management. So, here it is:
Is it just a matter of words – or is there a deeper meaning? I believe the word “management” in this case draws our attention to actions performed by the leader rather than leading your colleagues to ensure long term change. Actions by the leader in itself of course are often needed – but if change and long term change is our target – then we will find leadership to be path to chose.
If you or your boss belongs to the more controlling tribe of managers, they may feel not managing means loss of control. In the old paradigm, information is key to postion, hence managers limit information to a “need to know” basis. Problem beeing our world of today has exploded in complexity. Where a manager 15 years ago knew every tiny bit of a base station in a cellular network, no-one can claim this today. The information managing paradigm is dead. And it’s not ever coming back. And let’s be grateful for that. What’s lefter – and what’s next? Well, controlling your staff and limiting access of information creates a deadly vulnerable system with managers adding bottle necks rather than their excellent role as facilitators. And that’s exactly what I try to accomplish with the LUCK concept.
Today, to my suprise lots of managers claim their employees are rather on a decline than a growth in productivity and excellence. Now, based on the assumption most organisations hire the best of their applicants, we really need to know what happens once they enter your office. Most sociological studies claim the vast majority of employees really want to do their very best at work. A lot of them find this is not possible.
L – Lean: your staff are the experts. As they say in lean companies “the know where the shoe pinches – hence the should see the shoe maker.” Managers run and plan strategy work and are great facilitators
U – Unified communications – and today not only communications as we used to see them! Communication tools of today often bring transparency. Of course, extremely challenging for managers of the old rules…
C – Coaching philosophy – supporting your team with enhancing and empowering means. This means a ubiquitous understanding of driving forces and key factors of success
K – Kognition – the way our brain perceives and processes our outer world and contextualize it with the inner world and belief system. (And yes, I know it’s spelled “Cognition” but that would ruin the concept *smile* – and it originated in Swedish)
Any questions or suggestions so far? Opponents?
(to be continued…)

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Know the feeling when you just KNOW you’re on the brink of something to happen? Like locks shivering to open its doors for masses of water. Some of it already pouring through whatever shortcuts are available…

I’ve had that feeling for a couple of years now. Even over in the Motherland of bonuses, quarterly economies and self made men (and women!). A belief that there must be a better way of making business. A more human way. A smarter way. A greener way if you want.

It’s in the Harvard Business Review, it’s in many other dailies. I met with Chris Heuer – he’s on to something big – penetrating from the Social Media Club into huge businesses – they are already hiring him to get the good stuff. Brian Solis is another great thinker – read this on Holistic Business and this on “Getting Public into PR

I’m just SO happy to be around in these times. We’re close to a time where I with a digital camera and an iPad can replace a complete publishing house. “…and the world never got the same…”

More to follow…

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There are no free lunches. Certainly true if you run your own restaurant in San Francisco. Will think of this next time in San Fran!

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Remember the times when you went for a PC instead of a Mac “because the variety of software available”. Now, who change these rules recently? Who ever thought these rules were even possible to change? The probability was close to that of the Soviet Empire to fall…

Now look at what happened!

Lessons to be learned? You may not be Apple or Google – but rules and terms can be changed!

What rules can YOU change?

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