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Lots of my on-line friends just LOVE #Starbucks. Why is that? Isn’t it just a business idea gone wild and consumers indoctrinated like Apple fans? Well, as I see it – Starbucks share something with Apple. What is best explained by one of my fav speakers – Simon Sinek. The “Golden Circle” of how great leaders inspire. Be it Apple, Dr Martin Luther King – or Starbucks! Presentation here.

To follow Sineks idea:
Why are you doing what you do – what’s your passion?
Why do people go to cafes – and what can we do for them – and still make money enough to continue doing it? Well, people who get there with friends want a cozy environment, great music but not on a too high level. People who are there alone will most likely either read a book, a paper, a magazine – or go online. Let’s make it easier!

How will you do it? – what’s your strategy?
Making stuff available, building a relationship, offering something more than others…

What will you do – what actions and services will you make available?
Offering wifi for free – a co-operative service with AT&T is great for visitors – and most likely an advantage for the big operator.
Not only a page where the visitor agrees with certain rules and ethics – but also stuff of value and relationship- building activities. Smart!

This way I got to learn of the

* free download tune on Tuesdays
* The Reagan book on Leadership – great reading!
* More on growing coffee, fair trade…

and there’s sooo much more – visit http://www.starbucks.com and see for yourself!

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Yes, we see signs of growing richness, as in this CNN article .What we are seeing are the very first signs of new empires taking over world dominance. We in the so called Western States may have our takes on this. But, for the long run, they matter less.

What will happen? The middle class in emerging economies like China, India, Brazil and others (don’t forget former Soviet republics! and Africa!) will allow for its population to travel to an previously unseen level. We already experience Chinese citizen buying properties in Sweden, just as have German and Dutch previously.

Now, this is nothing new. In the 18th century we sent ships to China to supply us with china, tea and other means of luxury.

“It will all come down in pieces” and “The earth is already exhauseted”. Do you really believe in that crap? Donät get me wrong, we need to take care more carefully of the resources Mother Nature makes available for us. But having opinions on the emerging countries while we who had some time to solve the problems continue our ruthless exploitation of nature simply doesn’t make sens to me.

And it won’t be long before the people in countries devastated by natural (or are they!?) catastrophes will ask their leaders for a better way of managing our available resources.

I believe people of the emerging markets have the same rights to taste the sweet fruits of peace, productivity and prosperity. Albeit in a smarter way – and since we haven’t managed to do it fully – there’s yet a tremendous market opportunity for us all. It’s not about them – or us. It’s about us all. We live in a truly globalized world. Let’s start acting one. Now.

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