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Some journaists here in Sweden claim most status updates are just waste or garbage. I claim they (the updates, not the journalists) are just part of life – as is the meeting with the brain researcher I met at

Karin på Ön” (Eng: “Karin at the Island”) – just look at this! (above). All who follow my work on the “LUCK Concept” understand my fascination for Cognition- the way our brain interprets and handles information. More on their research here!

Their research is in the area of “can I perceive that rubber hand as being part of my own body?” (The answer is YES). They constantly fill my content of “K” in the book on LUCK.

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Remember the old saying “Power and money corrupts people”? Another philosopher claimed “No, money and power projects your real self!” I for one, believe more in the second one.

Recently (yesterday, that is…) I ran a workshop on “change management” (later renamed “change leadership” when I started nailing down details of the workshop). The title simply didn’t work with my values and belief system. I believe change mainly calls for leadership – not management – as we in change are exposed to a whole range of inner and outer psychological reactions that call for a present leader.

And what really motivates us? RSA did a great video on this. And within a few miutes I was pointed to the original video by Daniel Pink – here at www.ted.com

When thinking about it – if incentives for most of our daily work doesn’t work – or even makes us care for personal goals rather than the organizational goals (from whom the incentives originate!) we’re striving for – why have incentives at all? In my darkest moments incentives are even cousins with bribes and corruption – only the money is delivered by different means.

Still, they share the risk of pulling me as an individual away from our task, our business idea – and eventually – ethics.

What do YOU think?

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