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Buildning your own business – and succeeding – is something I wish every single person could live through. Althoug I understand all do not share this dream… Without realizing it – I have accumulated huge amounts of printed media – others, yes – but also my own. Reasons being keeping track, control maybe. But overview diminishes in piles of paper – and both keeping track and control are lost. The solution? Scanning!!!

So, I saw the new scanner at the Apple Store – planned to get it – but gave my HP All-in-one a final chance. And after downloading the Snow Leopard version for my Photosmart C8100 it’s like Sleeping Beauty waking up once more. That cumbersome machine now dances all from Riverdance to Super Bowl mid-game entertainment!

So – my first choice was to attack the piles of  business cards. Beying  I recently scanned ALL of mine, freeing space in my office space. Relying on inventive services and apps being able to search, organise and update all my data. In a quiet moment, pleased with the rapidly diminishing piles – I realised something else. Midst of all that – add, scan , store, throw aways… Suddenly I understood that as my piles of cards shrunk – my story grew. The story of the people that made me the one i am today. Like an archeologist I made my way through weeks, months – and eventually – years.

I’ve always taken notes on business cards. They now together make up quite an interesting timeline of my business (and probably of me as well!) Now, what if I’d scan everything that passes my hands? Are there anything that I can let go of? May I become the “scanning monk”? Isn’t that what it’s about for monks – having access to “everything” while having few earthly belongings…

Amazing what a scanner can do for you in an afternoon…

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Ett flertal exempel på oklara forskningsresultat – luddiga metoder, ja ibland rena falsarier – detta kommer driva på en ökad transparens inom forskningen – också! Jag har ju länge drivit tesen att internet generellt – men även mobila terminaler och leaks-effekter driver på denna förändring. Om vi vill hitta ytterligare drivkrafter så finns de i

* yngre generation som kräver ÄNNU mer helhet, tydlighet och respekt

* högre krav från sponsorer och finansiärer

* ett ökat antal appar och andra funktioner som genomlyser företag, organisationer och andra verksamheter

* tjänster som ranka, reco.se osv kommer flytta sig upp i värdekedjan

Get ready for transparency – and don’t say we didn’t tell you!

HUR ska vi få ordning på allt detta?

I min bok om LUCK-konceptet försöker jag bygga en struktur som enligt min mening fungerar rätt bra:

L – står för en struktur som KAN baseras på Lean-filosofin (som Scania, SKF, Toyota m fl nyttjar) eller annan som sätter individen i centrum och som kräver “no blame”, tydlighet, ansvar, samarbete

K – kognition – hur hjärnan tar in information och hur vi drivs.

C – coaching – hur vi leder vår personal och kollegor så vi följer den valda vägen och sätter kunden i centrum.

U – utvecklande internetverktyg – förutom de jag nämnt tidigare i artikeln även wikisar, chatt, long tail-effekt, scanning av molnen mm

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Just a short reflection after spending my normal sleeping hours over here in Stockholm, Sweden. Great game and congratulations to both team for a great fight, and Green Bay for the victory!

Now, can we as consultants and managers learn anyting from watching a game like this? Well, I can spend hours talking about Vision, Mission, Strategy and Tactics. For the football team as well as for your (and my) organisation. And there’s more:  In the transition from strategy to tactics, we know there are needs of

Structure – what yards to the future are we following? At what pace should we get there? And in what shape are we travelling? And reaching our destinations? What’s our game plan? Who’s the quarterback of your team?

Practicing – are we simulating and allowing ourselves to practice stuff we haven’t already tried? Play off, play a little? How can we prepare ourselves for new moves?

Psychology – do we know about how our brain works in individual work – and in our teams? What’s our kicker thinking when preparing a field goal attempt?

Seeing, understanding, supporting – are we present as managers. I mean, are we IN the game – or just “planning” it? Do we know, REALLY KNOW what’s going on– and the causes of it? And do we support our team members like they do at the SB? Just look at the different means coaches use to support and lead.

What did YOU learn at Super Bowl today?


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