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Update March 5, 2011

Not only dictators – whistleblowers really calls for our values in action. Video here


UPDATE FEB 11, 2011

Only two days after I released this post, Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation released the news Sweden sees internet activists as the new freedom fighters and will in still undisclosed ways support. More as the information becomes available!

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The fax and other modern telecom eroded the basis for the Soviet Union.

Internet makes communications travel even faster – Twitter and streaming media like Ustream and Bambuser are only the beginning. When everyone becomes a reporter – repression is a lot more difficult

Leaks from all kinds of governments will travel faster – creating sparks that may take to the streets.

Symbols – a piece of bread becomes the symbol of repression – and freedom, aggregating all aggressions of the people.

Will the internet, leaks and bread overthrow the last Dictators of the world?

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The market is flooded with rumours on all kinds of pads this Spring. And of course, iPad2 is one of them. There’s been rumours of a 7″ machine with retina display. Now, this rumour tells another story:

* same form factor (facing you as a user)

* front facing camera (for conference calls and more)

* faster processor

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