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I’ve used Flickr  for a couple of years now – upgraded to the Pro account last year.
I’ve been blogging from time to time over the years – at blogger, bloggy and now – WordPress
I’ve recently started using video in my sole company-communication

Guess what’s the most common question? Yes! “Is it worth it?” Well – IS it? Depends on what you expect, how much work you’re willing to spend – and what interaction you are prepared to spend around your stuff. Because that’s what you’re creating. Pictures, blogs, and videos become bonfires that attract other people, asking “what’s your story”?

You may feel “I’m not gonna litter cyberspace”! Well, as long as you have readers, you have a reason to blog! And readers start following you once you have something to say. And you have more to say as your dialogue grows. It’s a machine that takes some work to start – ask me! Currently I have close to 100 readers a day. Nothing to compare with famous bloggers – but I get great comments regularly. Comments that grow several people’s business and insights.

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