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Klas Hallberg höll ett bejublat seminarium på TEDxKungsträdgården våren 2010 om konferenser och hur litet vi faktiskt skapar bra villkor för utbyte. Hans tips här: Ställ dig frågan “varför är de här?”
Mer om Klas kan du läsa här: http://www.klashallberg.se/

Fler videor och bilder från TEDxKungsträdgården 2010 hittar du här.

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Un-conference – eller på svenska O-konferens – är ett mycket intressant format: ämnena på konferensen skapas på plats.

Här är årets deltagare på första Webcoast som hålls i Göteborg 18-20 mars


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Are you having AHA moments? When do you know, what does it mean and how do you keep track? Here’s what happened to me here in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday:

I certainly had an AHA moment. Being in the finalizing phase with my first released book my brain is probably extremely alert, at least compared to my normal state of mind…. I have refined a rough concept and it’s now ready to be launched to scale. Great thing with the time we’re all living in is – you can probe ideas prior to the action – by the use of blogs. So, preparing for a roll-out of about 20 books – I try them, one by one by posting specific areas. One of them being  Project Management. That blog “LUCK in Project Management” attracted quite a crowd – including now a prospect! We met yesterday and when he told me of a speech on lateral thinking it got me started, but this was not the AHA momement – but when we moved in to action – how to really plan excellent projects – we both love the WBS phase – the “work breakdown structure” – or “tree structure” or “root structure” to be precisely correct… He then said one of the tools they considered lacked this important phase of planning…

THAT was the AHA moment – I find lots of people I train in PM to find it extremely hard to accept that in the WBS phase, we disregard time, dependencies and logic flows. We ONLY focus on work blocks. And to do this REALLY well – you need to let go, to go lateral in your thinking. The following tools in PM are pretty linear (actually not ALL) – hence a PM needs several skills – including how to make the staff go lateral.

To finalize: I, too. do a lot of note-taking. But papers get lost – I use Evernote on my iPhone, iPad and Mac Book Pro. Great tool, being improved and excellent interfaces with other media. That – and Dropbox.

I’d be happy to hear of your AHA moments – and what you use them for?

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