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That is – if you want to be innovative. I get in touch with a lot of organisations. Many of them are approached by bureaus offering a service called “Story Telling”. I suppose they mean well by doing so. And there may be internal effects achievable and even desirable. But if we’re into creating a dialogue with your customers – are they REALLY interested in a story delivered from YOU about YOURSELF? Thought so. And, what’s even more funny about the whole situation – the story’s already out there. Listen closely, if you REALLY listen – you will hear the Story. Told by others.

Now, if you’re a customer in ANY area – which would YOU prefer: the story told by the company – or the one created by the crowd of customers? Even a story by a very critical and negative customer may help me. Simply because we make different conclusions – and have different demands.

The future is not in telling – it’s in listening. That goes for managers and leaders as well. You know this. I know this. Let’s stop fooling ourselves. And let’s start listening!

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