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One of many lessons I learned at both Ericsson and startup mobile internet pioneer Sendit (acq by Microsoft in 1999) was behaviour changes slowly. Taking this into account, the pad market is nothing but amazing. You may have a personal view all Apple customers are brainwashed, waiting in lines for hours and hours – but without bringing something extra this would never have happened!
During several business trips I have found – to my big surprise – the Mac often stays unopened for the whole duration of the trip. I simply use the iPad for everything! Forget the “read only” many say.
Today, my Mac superseedes the iPad in a few areas:

@ editing photos ( and most likely videos)
@ retrieving old mail (mainly due to slow backbone supplied by my operator)
@ writing essential pieces of text (although I push my limit further every day. Pretty amazing, that as well!)

Another sign of the success of the iPad, many times a week I try to interact with my Mac by means of pinching on the screen. I guess we’ll se the following:

1 Laptops will split into segments
@ one segment is extremely lightweight (Air type 11, 13 and 15 inches respectively)
@ the other segment are for power users (the 17 inch – and even more powerful for mobile editing) remain in the MBP case type as weight are not important where processor power is, as well as screen quality and color accuracy.

2 IPads will flood the market – splitting into segments
@ the exising ones will improve of course in scren quality and color accuracy, as well as longlife batteries will be standard, possibly even solar panels, providing you can leave your iPad unattended for during a longer time period. Less likely.
@ smaller iPads. A size of 7-8 inches makes it wearable – a move as important as when small computers developed from “designed for moveing around” to “mobile”. Your iPad belongs in your pocket! (Admitting I just LOVE that wintertime taking over most things here up north these days – my winterjacket matches the iPad perfectly!)

3 remote screens to our other items
Most likely an iMac or similar (might be the 17 inch doubling as the home server, although that’s less likely for a number of reasons) will be the heart of your home, keepi g track of all devices out on town. Like it or not – that WILL happen…

More on smaller iPads here

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