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Three singers in a vocal ensemble out of the Stockholm Nation of Uppsala University. An instruction video for the 10 head group went viral. One of our commercial TV channels TV4 covered it (live performance at the end!)

The Guardian covered the story

They of course checked rights with Robyn (@robynkonichiwa on Twitter) – a talent musician all interested in music and internet as well as cutting value chains should keep track of!

Now, you may want to look into this group. They don’t read sheet music. In fact, they learn singing the pretty much the way we learned singing in the Barbershop Chorus where I started singing in ’92

It’s about listening, releasing passion and performing in a way that engages and includes the audience. Traditional choir singing is beautiful and often difficult, but where’s the passion? No solo singer would sing from a binder…

This chorus is bound for success – why not visit us a Friday soon at Club Jambalaya? You are certainly MOST welcome!


I have mine – you start!

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There may be many reasons, but life is short.
And here’s some inspiration from Forbes!


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Harvard Business Review often hold great stuff on their site. This one too

However – I still believe there’s a need for managers – provided we do:

* work on direction

* see our employees

* challenge more that telling people what to do

Direction * energy means effect.

Direction used correctly creates even more energy

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Vi är glada att idag meddela att Hilton Slussen gett oss ännu mer plats och utrymme för kvällen 2 februari. De tidigare 40 platserna gick åt glädjande fort – så nu kan vi vara 60. Eller ännu fler, ja det finns upp till 280 platser. Hilton är så flexibelt att vi kan garantera samma goda upplevelse oavsett hur många vi blir. Så – om du känner någon som är intresserad av PMI (Project Management International) och/eller LUCK-konceptet så tveka inte!

Programmet i korthet: (så som planen ser ut just nu – justeringar kan komma)

17 – 17.25 Träff i baren
17.30 Intro om PMI

17.45 – 18.15 Introduktion till LUCK:

Kort historik – vad vill vi lösa?

Beståndsdelarna i LUCK-konceptet – varför just de?
Lean-produktion – smidigt, involverande arbetssätt med ständiga förbättringar ständiga förbättringar
Utvecklande internetverktyg – en rad tjänster och verktyg som underlättar kommunikation, planering, delegering och kognitiv förmåga
Coachande förhållningssätt – ett förhållningssätt som tydliggör ansvaret, ökar tydligheten, skapar tydligare delegeringar och ökar transparensen
Kognition – hjärnans sätt att ta in, filtrera och minnas det vi utsätts för, upplever och gör
Varför är det viktigt med en “coctail” av lösningar?

Hur fungerar LUCK i projektledning?
Kvällens fokus: U-perspektivet:

Behovet av kommunikation i projekt – vilka utmaningar finns?
Vilka lösningar finns tillgängliga idag – några exempel
Praktiska exempel – hur har andra gjort – vad har det haft för effekt?

18.20 – 18.45 Workshop: Hur kan denna teknik och inställning användas hos er?
Vad kan NI nyttja denna teknik för i era projekt?
Vilka är nyttorna?
Stärkande och hindrande punkter för införande?
Vilka första steg behövs?

18.45 – 19.00 Mingel

Passa på att lyssna på vad andra tänkt och har för idéer

19.10 Återsamling och utbyte med de andra grupperna

Kort redovisning från grupperna – slutsatser


Eftersnack: Möjlighet att diskutera och få bok signerad mm –

Pris mm:
Kostnaden är gratis om du anmäler dig och kommer – men som brukligt är – en “no show”-avgift.

Ni är mycket mycket välkomna hälsar Martin Lindahl som är arrangerande från PMI Sverige, Peter Eriksson som är ansvarig för detta på Hilton Slussen och jag, Johan Lange som skapat LUCK-konceptet välkomnar

PS! Det Hilton matchar med ett riktigt bra erbjudande för dig som är tillresande: 950 kr för enkelrum och 1075 för dubbel. Vill du sätta guldkant på detta går det såklart utmärkt.

Väl mött 2 februari!

Länk till PMI

Hilton Slussen


Här kan du beställa pappersboken om LUCK

Här kan du beställa eboken om LUCK-konceptet

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In our new era of the internetz, does it pay off to travel to promote your concept and book?
In 1.0 terms – no. You do not sell enough books unless you’re a celeb writer. For the rest of us – no. Train tickets, accomodation spins your budget. But…

But: in 2.0 terms, it’s different. Your presence will rush your book and concept to the top or at least top three in some people’s brains and reality. Provided…

Provided you have dialog tools supporting you. Great thing: They’re here! Even better: most of them are free! Yes, Internet changes EVERYTHING! Everything you can se, touch – but even everything you can feel and think will be influenced! Followers…

Followers are fans that are interconnected, and often even more convinced and hooked on the concept than you. Your followers are your tru heroes! The support you in so many means. It’s not for free. It costs…

It costs your engagement. Your ability even identify followers! Feed them. With what? I don’t know, but you’re free to ask! Even by just asking you’ll see wheels turning, processes started. Your network gers stronger – and wider by means of digital engagement AND physical meetings. Your digital reputation is enhanced by your physical meeting. Jumping…

Jumping into the unknown is essential here! I’ll experience the next level of this as I release the English version of my book on the #LUCKconcept

How about you?
What are your experiences – and plans?

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Wow! Only about an hour after I released part 1 there was a request for part 2. OK, let’s live this in full:

* Make sure top manangement REALLY got it! Unless you have top management support – don’t do it. You are in every detail extremely dependant on support from upper management. Action: Ask for “mentality to match the methods”, if this doesn’t work you MAY go for second best: An Agile mentality and methodology on your own level. This refers to the “Greenhouse Model” – creating a local culture that lasts as long as you are allowed to.

* Make sure everybody else got it! My most common question when I meet for training/consulting sessions with my customers is “Why are we doing this? WHY LEAN?” Since the coaching mentality is key in my LUCK concept, I need to live, sleep, eat and use that mentality, basically meaning “I am not gonna tell you – you will tell me”. And I’m not looking for a rehearsed story – I want everyone to be transparent. If there’s resistance, let’s meet it. If they hate “Lean” then lets look for what details don’t work in this workplace. One very common misstake is believing it’s a “one size fits all” model. It’s not – it needs refining on the level of work. Dialogue, and often referring to goals, means to reach them and, if needed cash flow and other key numbers of leadership. We are all here to create results!

* VOC – Listen to the “voice of the customer” Haven’t we heard it just tooo often? “Customer is king”, “let’s put the customer first”. Yeah RIGHT! You know what often happened… In Lean in general – and in LUCK in particular – let’s make our processes transparent enough to be on the David Letterman show! Most renowned restaurants have an open wall policy allowing all customers to watch all processes in detail. Now, that didn’t happen without resistance! Some chefs vigourusly fought this. “We can’t do that!!! Customers just don’t wanna see our filthy….” So. No Blame. Clean it up. Tear down the wall. Even SMILE! Tell your customers of your secrets. And what happened to chefs standards, average salary, even media? Transparency is here to stay. Don’t fight it – embrace it!

End of part two.

What’s your take on this?

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So, you’ve hear about LEAN and decided to implement it? Congratulations! There’s a lot to learn and you will see it. There’s so much to learn, so I won’t introduce Lean Fatigue here – just a few hints as you enter the path…

* Lean is basically a philosopy – lots of Lean ventures fail in “Metodus Monumentalis” – entering too many new methods, and hence forgetting the mentality. All leadership starts in your own brain, belief system – and actions!

* No Blame is a MUST. We often hear “No Blame… but…” The NB Mentality is here to open our brains, to try and retract it from the fast-protect response to new (and to some level threatening) idea. By introducing an NB Culture ideas (and hidden problems, never before brought to the surface – no-one dared, or though there was value in it!) will flow – and opportunities to evolve and develop will be numerous!

* Customer IS king! And transparency will show this! By means of blogs, tweets and visual means such as photos and videos will prove concepts, and disapprove statements. As colleague Joakim Jardenberg puts it: “Be honest and do good shit”. All people are potential reporters. And your staff are heroes – let them show it! Be transparent with your processes!


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