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Now a day after the completion of the Enterprise 2.0 conference (from now on “E2”) things are slowly coming to a level possible to grasp. Some of the areas I will cover the next couple of days include:

Race against the Machine
Reverse Mentoring
The meaning of Big Data – even for the sole entrepreneur
Visualization of Big Data
Game Dynamics and Gamification

I’m looking forward to interacting with you on this!

Johan – currently in Boston, MA

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Some say, avtually quite a lot of people ūüôā that the iPad is only for reading and consuming on-line data. I agree, its a great tool for all of that, not to mention all graphical interfaces for location-based services,
But – I think it’s great tool for prodi√•utivity as well! As a writer I regularly get into writers blocking. Procrastinating, low on energy are common states when this occurs. Part of the blocking being expectations and demands, the iPad comes in handy.
To my brain, it speaks another language in creating: while the Mac says “come on, be productive! These are office hours! The iPad’s like that kid screaming “come play!”
And that’s exactly what I do to release my blockings.

Write: either a plan email that I addreas to my Evernote folder.
Sketches: simpler ones – Drawing Pad – finer in details- Paper
Video: built in camera – or Movie360 – preferably using the Sketch filter

I’m not alone: Check Martha Stuart’s work: http://gigaom.com/apple/ipad-not-for-creation-martha-stewart-disagrees/?utm_source=General+Users&utm_campaign=93d9deb5e9-c%3Aapl+d%3A06-22&utm_medium=email

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