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So, you’re back. You survived. Your brain probably totally confused – your dreams last night or the coming can tell ūüėČ The feedback yesterday inspired me to take a second action.

So, second day starts. What to do today? You may very well continue doing the same as yesterday. Or are you up to new stuff?

Now, if you started out smart you arrived early. No matter how tough uou find it to get out of bed, arrriving late with a dormant brain when the others are up and running at full speed may cause brain meltdown – and your vacation memories are all wasted…
Now take the opportunity to start a better world! Yes, you can do it! Simply by supporting someone you don’t normally see. By asking a considerate question. Yes, you may experience some wonderful moments, but don’t let that stop you! You may be on to something!

For your third day at work we’ll look onto a revolutionizing way of starting your work day. But that’s tomorrow. Now appreciate yourself with a victory-sign of your choice!

See you tomorrow!


ps. Want to read more? Here are some hints from the LUCK Concept:

L – for Lean Leadership:

Visualize: Whenever something is unclear – use a piece of paper or a whiteboard. It’s amazing how many conflicts and disputes are released as the drawing grows.

U – Unifying Communications:
Mail with care: Add descriptive subjects, include dates and times in the title. That saves lot of time and frustration!

C – Coaching Leadership:
What strength to care for this year? What skill will you enhance this year?

K – Cognitive reactions in this internetified times:
Do you perform in counter-productive reactions? Do you have any behaviour stopping you from developing? Which one(s)? What reaction would be productive?

More on the concept: www.luckconcept.com

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