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We live in disruptive times.
Like glitch on the curve.
Some youngsters have triple diploma, yet form a faily pre-carreer.
Large coorporations hire few – yet we face one of the greatest generation shifts ever seen.
IT departments find it hard to keep up – and people bring in their own stuff – smartphones and pads.
Information flows so fast Top Management and operational staff get it firat, middle management isn’t even left in the middle – they’re out!
Old staff have lost track, speed and direction. Motivation? Come on!!!
New staff want CEO terms and salaries.

So, you thought leadership is for you?
How on earth are you supposed to handle this? After a quest for the leadership that works in this disruptive environment I didn’find THE leadership model tha works – but I found a couple of cornerstones that I’ve integrated into a model I simply call “LUCK”. Is it the ordinary kind of luck we all know? Well, not really; you may call it an integrated leadership model. If I were in Medicine we’d talk of a coctail of cross-supporting drugs. If you’re a carpenter we’d talk of a synchronized toolbox.

So, wjhat are the components of LUCK?
Let’s start from K:
Cognition, here defined as the the way our brain receives, filters, percieve and stores information”. I’ve chosen to use the K as a sign of the deep influence of our brain by means of the internet. K is for cognition in our internetified brains. In an era of searchability we don’t need to argue on whT’s searchable, hence we can focus on our (common) target.
In the K area we understand information perceived to be a threat may trigger the fast response functions of our brain. These are normally three or four: fight, flight or defense. PretenfĂ„d you’re dead may be the fourth. We also understand tje importance of belonging. To a group, a clan or an idea. We all need to be seen, heard and acknowledged.
Most people are ambitious but they need a target – a goal. But more than that – they need to be part of it. They need.to understand your strategy.

Coaching skills:
What IS coaching? Simply put, to make people able to teach your common goals. How do hou do that? Well, you need to understand other people, how to interact with others in order to reach results. You need transparency – opening up yourself opens others.
You need open access to their “mental hard drive” – and that only happens if you bild trust. So, it all starts with – yourself! 🙂

Unifying internet tools and services:
Communication between people has always been essential for our survival. With an evergrowing amount of information this is already a challenge most of us are facing ds
As mentioned before in the K perspective we all want to belong. And in times of continuous change we need To be updated on other units’ success. If not, risk is they will halter or under-perform.

No Blame
Added value
Remove waste
Spaghetti diagrams
Go to gemba
Heijunka – even out the flow
Teamwork on change work

I will return in coming posts to HOW we do this – how we’re training staff and what results are being accomplished. Meanhwile, feel free to comment and ask questions!

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Fresh from the Print! They will travel with me to InternetWeekNY and Enterprise 2.0 in Boston #iwny #e2conf

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Soooo many organisations asking questions refer to “the blame game” in their organisations, making it more important to be prepared for the attack than being forgiving and – creative! Why is “No Blame” SO important in Lean organisations? Well, they’ve discovered that if you are allowed to make misstakes you are more likely to take correct decisions.

The reasons are evident: our brain contains since millions of years means and functions to protect ourselves – physically as well as mentally. But – this machine is built for a hostile environment in the past, an environment few of us meet daily. (And should we do so – do not worry – the protective system starts in microseconds!)

So – train yourself in shaping a “no blame” culture. If we excercise often, soon it’s a normal behaviour of yours.

How?Before blamining – ask for their reason. Search for several solutions. And if you’re a manager – excercise delegating to a higher degree.
Less motivated staff? Check their view of your common targets and goals. Are they understood? triggering? Increase involvement, follow up more often (but in a no-blame-manner)

So, what do you think about this?

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Ever argued with relatives what really happened when that picture was taken? Well, does anyone really know?

Time to give more feedback to your employees? Often when I work with managers and groups feedback and other communication gets stuck in “right-or-wrong-discussions”. Communication like this often ends up in lost motion forward. So, what to do?

Research into our memory system of our brain reveals that we seem to remember things not the way they were. Now, this has been known for a long time – “reality” is filtered through our perceptive filters. We also tend to enter parts of our personality into memories. This has been known also for some time. What’s new is we seem to remember things the way we need to remember them! We remeber them the way it serves us best right now

Conclusions from this? Maybe in feedback, and in appraisals – when memories of important issues and actions differ – why not ask the unexptected question “How come we remeber it so differently?” and “What may be the reasons for our different memories?” and definitely “What can we learn from this?”

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Three singers in a vocal ensemble out of the Stockholm Nation of Uppsala University. An instruction video for the 10 head group went viral. One of our commercial TV channels TV4 covered it (live performance at the end!)

The Guardian covered the story

They of course checked rights with Robyn (@robynkonichiwa on Twitter) – a talent musician all interested in music and internet as well as cutting value chains should keep track of!

Now, you may want to look into this group. They don’t read sheet music. In fact, they learn singing the pretty much the way we learned singing in the Barbershop Chorus where I started singing in ’92

It’s about listening, releasing passion and performing in a way that engages and includes the audience. Traditional choir singing is beautiful and often difficult, but where’s the passion? No solo singer would sing from a binder…

This chorus is bound for success – why not visit us a Friday soon at Club Jambalaya? You are certainly MOST welcome!


I have mine – you start!

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Under en mycket intensiv höst blir det uppenbart – det Ă€r mĂ„nga som VILL förĂ€ndring men inte alla som LYCKAS. Är det ren tur de drabbas av  – de som lyckas? Jag tror att det Ă€r lika mycket tur som nĂ€r goe skidĂ„karen Stenmark i en intervju med jag tror det var legendariske “Plex” Pettersson fick höra att han hade “tur” som kom etta. “Ja, men Ă€r det inte konstigt att ju mer jag trĂ€nar – desto mer tur har jag!?”

Det dĂ€r stora tillfĂ€llet att skapa det dĂ€r mötet, att planera för den dĂ€r fantastiska konferensen dĂ„ allt ska ske – den kommer sĂ€llan. SĂ„ ska vi ge upp? Nej, allt för mĂ„nga tappade sugar ligger och skrĂ€par. Men vi har nĂ„got som finns framför oss. Och det hela tiden – jag har valt att kalla dem “mikro-tillfĂ€llen” eller pĂ„ engelska “micro moments”. De smĂ„ ögonblick som Ă€r sĂ„ viktiga – att njuta, att vara nĂ€rvarande, att pĂ„verka. För det Ă€r ju just i nuet som det lilla maskhĂ„let i tidsrumsvĂ€ven öppnar sig och vi kan göra skillnad.Men för att detta ska vara möjligt behöver du göra ett förarbete:

* Vart Àr ni pÄ vÀg?
* Varför just dit?
* Hur fÄr du med dina medarbetare?
* Vilken feedback passar bÀst till resp. individ och nÀr?
* Var vÀntar du dig mikro-tillfÀllen?

Lycka till!

PS! Som mÄnga andra skapandeprocesser triggades Àven denna av en yttre faktor. I detta fall en statusuppdatering pÄ Facebook av goe vÀnnen Göran Adlén. Prenumerera Àven du pÄ hans youtubekanal!

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Annette Sandgren skriver sÄ hÀr fint pÄ Facebook idag. Jag provar att helt sonika klippa in det hÀr- fungerar det?
Stort tack till hĂ€rliga Johan Lange för igĂ„r. Vilken WOW dag det blev pĂ„ Oscarsteatern med Max Söderpalm, Annika R Malmberg & 2XTOMAS under parollen Energi pĂ„ vĂ€gen 🙂 Vi hade gĂ€rna velat sĂ€nda alla förelĂ€sningar live dock gick det inte att ordna denna gĂ„ng. Hoppas hoppas att vi pĂ„ TGIM kan redigera “eftersnacket” idag. Vad ska till? HĂ€r har vi i alla fall Annik

Fler videor
Max Söderpalm, Soderpalm Publishing
Tomas Lydahl, WOW Marketing

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