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Now a day after the completion of the Enterprise 2.0 conference (from now on “E2”) things are slowly coming to a level possible to grasp. Some of the areas I will cover the next couple of days include:

Race against the Machine
Reverse Mentoring
The meaning of Big Data – even for the sole entrepreneur
Visualization of Big Data
Game Dynamics and Gamification

I’m looking forward to interacting with you on this!

Johan – currently in Boston, MA

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I’m attending several of the “Big Data” seminars at the Enternterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. You may think “yeah right, it’s fine for the big corporations” but is it? What can I do as a sole entrepreneur?

My first takes: Gather data on my own business activities:
* Business trips
* Sales of my LUCK Concept book (soon available in English)
* Library lendings of my LUCK book in Sweden
* Correlations between the above
* Something I haven’t thought about yet

So, Visualizing of data will mean a lot. Further actions available around this:

Gamification – guessing game / quiz on data
Business Driver – following sales and lendings will most likely drive sales and interest in the LUCK concept.

What more is there to do?
(stay tuned for the opening of my LUCK e-shop opening soon: luckconcept.com)

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Updated Nov 2:

I met with some really-into-gaming guys yesterday. And they confirm the text below: “You are dependant on soo much in the new releases of games” and when asked for an example: “…well you can’t drive and control a tank on your own”. Not much into playing computer games I still love the team focus!



Right now I find two totally different reactions to my “LUCK Concept”. The concept comprises Lean Production, Social Media, Mobility, Coaching and Cognition. The reaction from most is “yeah, finally – let’s go!” while the other is “tooo soft, people are not that team oriented as you claim”.

Well, most game developers are now releasing new versions of their Battlefield and similar games. Most of them include new choices of team work. I rest my case ūüėČ

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We learn great many things from game developers on how to keep gamers gaming, going deeper in the game, investing more. It strikes me over and over agaian Рthose are all tools of à great leader.

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Android will most likely – maybe with Windows Mobile – cut the Lion Share of the market. Thanks! That will make them a more likely target for malware, viruses, hoax, trojans, worms et cetera. We, Apple fans – are extremely happy for this. There are always great wins to be in a niche. I believe normal driving forces of human beings and game dynamics will prove this to be true.

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Just a short reflection after spending my normal sleeping hours over here in Stockholm, Sweden. Great game and congratulations to both team for a great fight, and Green Bay for the victory!

Now, can we as consultants and managers learn anyting from watching a game like this? Well, I can spend hours talking about Vision, Mission, Strategy and Tactics. For the football team as well as for your (and my) organisation. And there’s more:¬† In the transition from strategy to tactics, we know there are needs of

Structure – what yards to the future are we following? At what pace should we get there? And in what shape are we travelling? And reaching our destinations? What’s our game plan? Who’s the quarterback of your team?

Practicing – are we simulating and allowing ourselves to practice stuff we haven’t already tried? Play off, play a little? How can we prepare ourselves for new moves?

Psychology – do we know about how our brain works in individual work – and in our teams? What’s our kicker thinking when preparing a field goal attempt?

Seeing, understanding, supporting – are we present as managers. I mean, are we IN the game – or just “planning” it? Do we know, REALLY KNOW what’s going on– and the causes of it? And do we support our team members like they do at the SB? Just look at the different means coaches use to support and lead.

What did YOU learn at Super Bowl today?


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Remember the old saying “Power and money corrupts people”? Another philosopher claimed “No, money and power projects your real self!” I for one, believe more in the second one.

Recently (yesterday, that is…) I ran a workshop on “change management” (later renamed “change leadership” when I started nailing down details of the workshop). The title simply didn’t work with my values and belief system. I believe change mainly calls for leadership – not management – as we in change are exposed to a whole range of inner and outer psychological reactions that call for a present leader.

And what really motivates us? RSA did a great video on this. And within a few miutes I was pointed to the original video by Daniel Pink – here at www.ted.com

When thinking about it – if incentives for most of our daily work doesn’t work – or even makes us care for personal goals rather than the organizational goals (from whom the incentives originate!) we’re striving for – why have incentives at all? In my darkest moments incentives are even cousins with bribes and corruption – only the money is delivered by different means.

Still, they share the risk of pulling me as an individual away from our task, our business idea – and eventually – ethics.

What do YOU think?

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