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Recently, we have several signs of “time to REALLY act”. You know the story – you find a problem, consider possible solutions – and eventually come up with a REALLY good solution. I am EXACTLY at that point. When all stars feel aligned, everything you seee and hear around you align. All strings vibrate in harmony. And signs of need for more information:

  • pitching for the Pad at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston (May 20-22 this year)
  • great number of questions from “Startup Day” in Stockholm, Sweden today (April 9, 2011)
  • and to top all this – a nomination to TED talks!

So, what’s this #LUCK thing???

Well to keep it simple:

It’s management basics, based on a few of the areas I’ve found most effective. I found failure in all of these areas – but as a counter-measure found them to support each others very well:

Lean Leadership – enhancing the working force, creativity through no blame and more

Unified Communications – by means of Social Media and other interner services

Coaching Skills – how to listen, lead and develop in other peoples brains

Kognition – how our brain works – individually and in groups

Why are they supportive to each others?

  • Lean Leadership (such as performed at Scania, SKF, Toyota et cetera) needs coaching leadership skills
  • Both Lean and Coaching relies on transparency
  • Social Media brings that transparency
  • Cognitive functions are very well managed if contained in Lean and Coaching
  • Lean may also bring the comfort zone to be creative which enhances cognition and coaching
  • Social media brings excellent tools to communicate – hence supporting K, C and L

What next?

The basic LUCK book is released in Swedish in May 2011, an English version is due in September this year. Later on, niche books are planned in volume. Currently 41 different are being planned. In addition to this, apps and web services are being introduced. The LUCK base is basically in the DNA of most of my activities. Coaching, consulting and training sessions are running regularly.

Part 2 – soon due – will elaborate on applications of the LUCK concept.

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Not surprised at all… All managers who apply a coaching philosophy to their leadership will be the winners in the long run. I come to think of the old saying in Sales “Selling is not telling”. Neither is leadership.

More on this from Financial Post here

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One of my customers asked me to explain the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. And indeed – I’ve found it to be true that a lot of people find it hard to distinguish one from the other. The next mornin at my hotel in Gothenburg I found a metaphor:

When looking over the breakfast room:

Efficiency is about having just the correct number of tables to serve your customers

Effectiveness is about serving food at the pace as it is consumed

Efficiency is not far away from the Swedish word “Lagom”- “just about enough”
Pace is often called “takt” in Lean Production

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