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One of my customers asked me to explain the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. And indeed – I’ve found it to be true that a lot of people find it hard to distinguish one from the other. The next mornin at my hotel in Gothenburg I found a metaphor:

When looking over the breakfast room:

Efficiency is about having just the correct number of tables to serve your customers

Effectiveness is about serving food at the pace as it is consumed

Efficiency is not far away from the Swedish word “Lagom”- “just about enough”
Pace is often called “takt” in Lean Production

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Just a short reflection after spending my normal sleeping hours over here in Stockholm, Sweden. Great game and congratulations to both team for a great fight, and Green Bay for the victory!

Now, can we as consultants and managers learn anyting from watching a game like this? Well, I can spend hours talking about Vision, Mission, Strategy and Tactics. For the football team as well as for your (and my) organisation. And there’s more:  In the transition from strategy to tactics, we know there are needs of

Structure – what yards to the future are we following? At what pace should we get there? And in what shape are we travelling? And reaching our destinations? What’s our game plan? Who’s the quarterback of your team?

Practicing – are we simulating and allowing ourselves to practice stuff we haven’t already tried? Play off, play a little? How can we prepare ourselves for new moves?

Psychology – do we know about how our brain works in individual work – and in our teams? What’s our kicker thinking when preparing a field goal attempt?

Seeing, understanding, supporting – are we present as managers. I mean, are we IN the game – or just “planning” it? Do we know, REALLY KNOW what’s going on– and the causes of it? And do we support our team members like they do at the SB? Just look at the different means coaches use to support and lead.

What did YOU learn at Super Bowl today?


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Remember the old saying “Power and money corrupts people”? Another philosopher claimed “No, money and power projects your real self!” I for one, believe more in the second one.

Recently (yesterday, that is…) I ran a workshop on “change management” (later renamed “change leadership” when I started nailing down details of the workshop). The title simply didn’t work with my values and belief system. I believe change mainly calls for leadership – not management – as we in change are exposed to a whole range of inner and outer psychological reactions that call for a present leader.

And what really motivates us? RSA did a great video on this. And within a few miutes I was pointed to the original video by Daniel Pink – here at www.ted.com

When thinking about it – if incentives for most of our daily work doesn’t work – or even makes us care for personal goals rather than the organizational goals (from whom the incentives originate!) we’re striving for – why have incentives at all? In my darkest moments incentives are even cousins with bribes and corruption – only the money is delivered by different means.

Still, they share the risk of pulling me as an individual away from our task, our business idea – and eventually – ethics.

What do YOU think?

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Yes, we see signs of growing richness, as in this CNN article .What we are seeing are the very first signs of new empires taking over world dominance. We in the so called Western States may have our takes on this. But, for the long run, they matter less.

What will happen? The middle class in emerging economies like China, India, Brazil and others (don’t forget former Soviet republics! and Africa!) will allow for its population to travel to an previously unseen level. We already experience Chinese citizen buying properties in Sweden, just as have German and Dutch previously.

Now, this is nothing new. In the 18th century we sent ships to China to supply us with china, tea and other means of luxury.

“It will all come down in pieces” and “The earth is already exhauseted”. Do you really believe in that crap? Donät get me wrong, we need to take care more carefully of the resources Mother Nature makes available for us. But having opinions on the emerging countries while we who had some time to solve the problems continue our ruthless exploitation of nature simply doesn’t make sens to me.

And it won’t be long before the people in countries devastated by natural (or are they!?) catastrophes will ask their leaders for a better way of managing our available resources.

I believe people of the emerging markets have the same rights to taste the sweet fruits of peace, productivity and prosperity. Albeit in a smarter way – and since we haven’t managed to do it fully – there’s yet a tremendous market opportunity for us all. It’s not about them – or us. It’s about us all. We live in a truly globalized world. Let’s start acting one. Now.

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Know the feeling when you just KNOW you’re on the brink of something to happen? Like locks shivering to open its doors for masses of water. Some of it already pouring through whatever shortcuts are available…

I’ve had that feeling for a couple of years now. Even over in the Motherland of bonuses, quarterly economies and self made men (and women!). A belief that there must be a better way of making business. A more human way. A smarter way. A greener way if you want.

It’s in the Harvard Business Review, it’s in many other dailies. I met with Chris Heuer – he’s on to something big – penetrating from the Social Media Club into huge businesses – they are already hiring him to get the good stuff. Brian Solis is another great thinker – read this on Holistic Business and this on “Getting Public into PR

I’m just SO happy to be around in these times. We’re close to a time where I with a digital camera and an iPad can replace a complete publishing house. “…and the world never got the same…”

More to follow…

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Heard of “Change Management”? You need only to check Amazon.com to see the vast range of titles digging into this area of human development. We’ve all experienced change – in all aspects of life. Often we develop, moving into new areas of activity. We get promoted, fired, change life style – or get to be parents. For most people, change that comes pretty naturally.

So what about change i organisations and corporations? Well, this and a few coming days I will do something I rarely do: apply total focus in ONE area. That area is CHANGE. Of course, as a manager for approx 15 years and consultant for another 10, I know what change is about. But I want to learn more – to get to the very core of change.

My first take: I believe there is a lot to learn from distinguishing Change Management from Change Leadership.

What are your views on this – so far?

(to be continued…)

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