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I’m still in Boston to grasp all inputs and insights of the “Enterprise 2.0” Conference. I arrived a few days early to get through jetlag. One evening a gentleman working for the fire dept pulled my LUCK Book out of my hands as he realised a lot was applicable in his line of work. A pity, since I didn’t bring any more books. I didn’t expect interest in a book in a foreign language.

Ever since that evening we’ve discussed whether it makes sense to scan a foreign book, OCR it (optical character recognition) and let Google Translate have a go with it. Then, as Andrew McAcfee ran an excellent presentation on racing the machine – how fast automation is developing (The Google Car, Jeopardy, Chess).

So – is my “LUCK Book on Sustainable Leadership” understandable or not? And if it is, would it be embarrasing, moderate, good or even excellent? You may be the judge. I’ve altered nothing from the Swedish version.

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