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Now a day after the completion of the Enterprise 2.0 conference (from now on “E2”) things are slowly coming to a level possible to grasp. Some of the areas I will cover the next couple of days include:

Race against the Machine
Reverse Mentoring
The meaning of Big Data – even for the sole entrepreneur
Visualization of Big Data
Game Dynamics and Gamification

I’m looking forward to interacting with you on this!

Johan – currently in Boston, MA

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I hear from time to time people say “You should only have a tight network – maybe 2-500 followers”. “Or less…”. I don’t agree. At all. I’ll tell you why:

Now of course this all depends on your strategies, and what you expect and plan for your networking. But according to the networking principles I’ve learned as a world traveller for the Telecom and the Datacom corporations, volumes coutnt. Now, why should that NOT be true for social networking?

I spent many many mornings attending BNI Meetings. You may have opinions about the structure and all that concering BNI Meetings, but I learned several very important lessons with BNI. Some of them:

1. Pitch fast. You need to be able to explain your business in up to two sentences. Max three. Make it in 20 secs. That’s how long anyone would give you in an icebreaking convo at a dinner. (A less known effect – when you start fast-pitching, you develop your business. Your brain is listening too!)

2. Underestimate NO-ONE! The person in front of you may not look the way you expect your customers to look. You probably, too, know stories about this – big business lost due to some ignorant salesman losing business. Talk to all – be curious about them!

3. The “Friends of friends-effect”. The person you’re talking to is in the wrong business? If you did lesson 1. the right way, your words will travel. This person may know exactly the right person for you. This youngster may have an uncle running a nation-wide network asking for your competencies.

4. Be generous: – “givers gain” Lots of studies show that generous people gain business. After giving for a while your business will prosper!

5. Behind every person awaits a huge network awaits your actions. But you are only allowed in if you know the trust game!

So, next time someone wants you to add them, will you?

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Three singers in a vocal ensemble out of the Stockholm Nation of Uppsala University. An instruction video for the 10 head group went viral. One of our commercial TV channels TV4 covered it (live performance at the end!)

The Guardian covered the story

They of course checked rights with Robyn (@robynkonichiwa on Twitter) – a talent musician all interested in music and internet as well as cutting value chains should keep track of!

Now, you may want to look into this group. They don’t read sheet music. In fact, they learn singing the pretty much the way we learned singing in the Barbershop Chorus where I started singing in ’92

It’s about listening, releasing passion and performing in a way that engages and includes the audience. Traditional choir singing is beautiful and often difficult, but where’s the passion? No solo singer would sing from a binder…

This chorus is bound for success – why not visit us a Friday soon at Club Jambalaya? You are certainly MOST welcome!


I have mine – you start!

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So, you’ve hear about LEAN and decided to implement it? Congratulations! There’s a lot to learn and you will see it. There’s so much to learn, so I won’t introduce Lean Fatigue here – just a few hints as you enter the path…

* Lean is basically a philosopy – lots of Lean ventures fail in “Metodus Monumentalis” – entering too many new methods, and hence forgetting the mentality. All leadership starts in your own brain, belief system – and actions!

* No Blame is a MUST. We often hear “No Blame… but…” The NB Mentality is here to open our brains, to try and retract it from the fast-protect response to new (and to some level threatening) idea. By introducing an NB Culture ideas (and hidden problems, never before brought to the surface – no-one dared, or though there was value in it!) will flow – and opportunities to evolve and develop will be numerous!

* Customer IS king! And transparency will show this! By means of blogs, tweets and visual means such as photos and videos will prove concepts, and disapprove statements. As colleague Joakim Jardenberg puts it: “Be honest and do good shit”. All people are potential reporters. And your staff are heroes – let them show it! Be transparent with your processes!


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I can see several signs of Social Media – or if you so prefer “Social Tools” – are growing up:

1. Established organisations are really getting it. They do great stuff – the ones that get it. Some don’t – and join the chorus of critics. (Also a good sign of getting established!)

2. The ones that DON’T get it enter the “DT” – the denial trap. By denying they will win some time – but it will be costly to catch up for most of them.

3. When Google+ launches – they diversify “friend” into “friends”, “acquintances” and “following”. When I start to spread this branding on “former Friends” on Facebook into more precise descriptions it’s highly unlikely we will agree, my Friends and me. This MAY be great. Or it will increase the harsher maturity of Social Media.

4. Klout score on Twitter IDs: Kl0ut scores create a kind of segmentation. Higher numbers means more influence which may lead to more followers. A self-sustaining system.

5. Un-conferences aren’t that “un” anymore: Pre-conference postings are positioning some sessions and the feeling of “free” seminars may be lost.

Any more signs?

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So you’ve just got at few days off? Or  if you’re fortunate – a couple of weeks. And when you arrive to that place – or just accidentally opened your eyes to your garden at home – things grow. Rapidly.
But – before you cut branches and mowe the lawn – wait for  a minute… Move around, check what’s happening. What flowers never made it before? What advances have been made in that apple tree? You may have to let that tree go – but take the chance to learn how Mother Nature would handle this if you weren’t there! Now go ahead. But spend less energy on this and more on the following:

“What can we learn from the Garden?” A lot, it seems! But only if we are willing to open our eyes – and mediate. That is “understanding, finding conclusions – and cross-fertilize with your own areas of expertise”. Like Management. And Leadership.

Summertime is in many countries a time when juniors and youngsters get their chance to try this thing “WORK”. What are their expectations? What are their ideas? What new can they bring to your organization? And your ordinary subordinates – what will they do once you’re on vacation? Before you start mowing the lawn, why not examine the Garden of Work together? There are excellent ways of doing it! You will find hints in Lean Leadership, Six Sigma tools – and my coming book on the LUCK Concept.

Meanwhile – are you willing to try?

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I’m realizing I’ve started to use a new tool. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t really need it, nor ask for it. It rather followed me – and proved its value slowly. And now it’s part of my toolbox. What? I’m talking about the #crowdsearch. Users of the Flickr service are daily digging through my vast material of photos and videos. Given the amount of pictures (approx 13,000) and no of views (approx 105,000) it’s not far from “random”. Or is it? I guess sociologists would find patterns. To me – it’s great for imaging creativity in several dimensions. Daily, I’m facing pictures like these:

Visitors are – not far from what archeologists do – showing me stuff from my own archive. They not necessarily LIKE what they see – but someone chose to open it – and it must mean SOMETHING. And to me – it’s great inspiration, great for my collective memory – and my only commitment is to gradually add tags, descriptions, bylines, people – and sometimes – editing in PicNic (which is extremely intuitive) to enhance early pictures of my iPhones.

How can #crowdsearching make difference to you?

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