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Three things that really gives me hope for the world happened this week.

First: I worked with 20+ leaders in Peace keeping operations at the Folke Bernadotte Academy.
When working with the LUCK concept as a basis for Goal setting and Motivation I again was reminded of the
equality of peoples minds, our need and that power is not always the right way to make
things happen. Thanks FBA and Confex!

Second: The agreement yesterday where the NATO and Russia agrees on a common defence
view. This means some of the frosty mistrust now can be made history. All agreements come with
risks, though. The risk may be the polarity. Polarity that may increase between these allies and
“the others”. Stay tuned! Views in Moscow News are citing Fogh Rasmussen – Al Jazeera says
Russia accepted the agreement.

Third: The Pope agrees in a coming book that condoms may be used to stop the spreading of HIV.
This will save thousands of lives. Maybe millions! BBC covers this.

I will manifest all this with a piece of art i found upon my return from FBA. Picture later!

What’s your take on these issues? I’d love to hear them!

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