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So, you’ve hear about LEAN and decided to implement it? Congratulations! There’s a lot to learn and you will see it. There’s so much to learn, so I won’t introduce Lean Fatigue here – just a few hints as you enter the path…

* Lean is basically a philosopy – lots of Lean ventures fail in “Metodus Monumentalis” – entering too many new methods, and hence forgetting the mentality. All leadership starts in your own brain, belief system – and actions!

* No Blame is a MUST. We often hear “No Blame… but…” The NB Mentality is here to open our brains, to try and retract it from the fast-protect response to new (and to some level threatening) idea. By introducing an NB Culture ideas (and hidden problems, never before brought to the surface – no-one dared, or though there was value in it!) will flow – and opportunities to evolve and develop will be numerous!

* Customer IS king! And transparency will show this! By means of blogs, tweets and visual means such as photos and videos will prove concepts, and disapprove statements. As colleague Joakim Jardenberg puts it: “Be honest and do good shit”. All people are potential reporters. And your staff are heroes – let them show it! Be transparent with your processes!


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Tänk på några av de personer som du alltid tycker att du får höra litet för litet av. Tänk dig att två av dessa personer sätter sig på ett podium och delar med sig av sina tankar. Tänk vidare att de skapar en agenda så du vet när du ska lägga fokus. Fortsätt tanken att de lägger ut detta på nätet – så att de som inte har möjlighet att delta på plats kan göra det via nätet – i datorn, plattan eller mobilen. Dessutom i riktig proffskvalitet!

Men det är inte färdigt än. Tänk dig att de gör detta under tjugofyra timmar. TJUGOFYRA!!! Under ett helt dygn. “Imponerande” är ett litet ord. Och jisses vilket dygn vi har fått vara med om.

Ta en titt på videon! 24Live – här är länken!

Och här är en sammanfattning av slutsatserna av detta dygn:

Jag tror det blev 20 punkter till slut – jag återkommer! Ni kan ju (som vanligt…) lita på att det kommer upp mer bilder!

Sov gott nu grabbar Johan Ronnestam, Göran Adlén, Robin Danehav! Igår var även Petter Karlsson igång!
På Twitter följer du dem som @ronnesam, @trendspanaren, @danehav och @petterkarlsson

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Många kunder frågar efter lästips om Lean. Här är några jag noterat – säg till om ni inte hittar dem på nätet så får jag lägga in ISBN-nummer. /Johan

”Leda med Lean” – ”den lilla vita” (A6-bok)

”Lära sig se” av Mike Rother och John Shook ”den större A4 blå med ringrygg”

”LeanHandboken” av Beau Keyte och Drew Locher ”kvadratisk, ljusblå m röd text”

”Utmana dina processer” av Dan Blücher och Birgitta Öjmertz, ombearbetad för tjänsteverksamhet Paula Braun och Robert Kessiakoff

Samtliga böcker på svenska är tunnare inom två områden: filosofin och det praktiska genomförandet.


”The Toyota Way” – bra som ljudbok i bilen och iPhonen! Köps på CD från Amazon. Många, många bra tankar och åsikter. Jerry K Liker har greppat Lean i alla dess dimensioner. Kanske bättre än någon annan.

”The Machine that changed the World” – en klassiker men tråkig enligt många

Harvard Business Review – artikel ”Read a Plant Fast”: hur du snabbt skaffar dig en uppfattning vad som är effektivt och ej.

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Buildning your own business – and succeeding – is something I wish every single person could live through. Althoug I understand all do not share this dream… Without realizing it – I have accumulated huge amounts of printed media – others, yes – but also my own. Reasons being keeping track, control maybe. But overview diminishes in piles of paper – and both keeping track and control are lost. The solution? Scanning!!!

So, I saw the new scanner at the Apple Store – planned to get it – but gave my HP All-in-one a final chance. And after downloading the Snow Leopard version for my Photosmart C8100 it’s like Sleeping Beauty waking up once more. That cumbersome machine now dances all from Riverdance to Super Bowl mid-game entertainment!

So – my first choice was to attack the piles of  business cards. Beying  I recently scanned ALL of mine, freeing space in my office space. Relying on inventive services and apps being able to search, organise and update all my data. In a quiet moment, pleased with the rapidly diminishing piles – I realised something else. Midst of all that – add, scan , store, throw aways… Suddenly I understood that as my piles of cards shrunk – my story grew. The story of the people that made me the one i am today. Like an archeologist I made my way through weeks, months – and eventually – years.

I’ve always taken notes on business cards. They now together make up quite an interesting timeline of my business (and probably of me as well!) Now, what if I’d scan everything that passes my hands? Are there anything that I can let go of? May I become the “scanning monk”? Isn’t that what it’s about for monks – having access to “everything” while having few earthly belongings…

Amazing what a scanner can do for you in an afternoon…

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Remember the old saying “Power and money corrupts people”? Another philosopher claimed “No, money and power projects your real self!” I for one, believe more in the second one.

Recently (yesterday, that is…) I ran a workshop on “change management” (later renamed “change leadership” when I started nailing down details of the workshop). The title simply didn’t work with my values and belief system. I believe change mainly calls for leadership – not management – as we in change are exposed to a whole range of inner and outer psychological reactions that call for a present leader.

And what really motivates us? RSA did a great video on this. And within a few miutes I was pointed to the original video by Daniel Pink – here at www.ted.com

When thinking about it – if incentives for most of our daily work doesn’t work – or even makes us care for personal goals rather than the organizational goals (from whom the incentives originate!) we’re striving for – why have incentives at all? In my darkest moments incentives are even cousins with bribes and corruption – only the money is delivered by different means.

Still, they share the risk of pulling me as an individual away from our task, our business idea – and eventually – ethics.

What do YOU think?

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Heard of “Change Management”? You need only to check Amazon.com to see the vast range of titles digging into this area of human development. We’ve all experienced change – in all aspects of life. Often we develop, moving into new areas of activity. We get promoted, fired, change life style – or get to be parents. For most people, change that comes pretty naturally.

So what about change i organisations and corporations? Well, this and a few coming days I will do something I rarely do: apply total focus in ONE area. That area is CHANGE. Of course, as a manager for approx 15 years and consultant for another 10, I know what change is about. But I want to learn more – to get to the very core of change.

My first take: I believe there is a lot to learn from distinguishing Change Management from Change Leadership.

What are your views on this – so far?

(to be continued…)

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Ja, Virgin Mobile erbjuder en rätt ny tjänst. Dels får du access till internet via 3G, dels kan du dela med dig av det wlan apparaten skapar lokalt. Kan ju vara bra om ni är en familj som reser, arbetskollegor som vill hålla kontakten med tjänster hemma.

Läs mer här: http://www.virginmobileusa.com/mobile-broadband/mifi-2200.html

149 US-dollar för själva apparaten, stor som en tändsticksask.
Därefter köper du acccess – 40 dollar för 30 dagar. Om du inte fyller på inom de 30 dagarna kommer du tappa ditt mobilnummer men du får ett nytt nästa gång du köper, så det ska inte vara något problem.

Så – nu kan du få fri dataacess för 40 dollar i en månad! Nu återstår att se hur bra täckning de har. Jag hade vissa problem på mitt hotell på Market Street här i San Francisco, så vi får se ….

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