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I samband med helger får vi ofta mer tid över till annat. Och jag ser att några pratar om iPad i de sociala flödena. “Vad är så speciellt med iPaden?” är en rätt vanlig fråga. Ja, det beror ju på… Den är inte för alla – men definitivt för mig! Här är mina skäl:

…den har ca 3 ggr längre batteritid än de flesta laptopar

…den har överlägsen skärm och ljud
…den funkar bättre på små ytor – perfekt på flyget och i taxi
…den ljusstarka skärmen ihop med det stora batteriet gör den mer lämpad för utearbete än laptopen
…den är en väldigt bra diskussions/skissplatta för utveckling
…den är lättare i knät än en laptop
…den har markant bättre täckning på 3g pga större antenn än iphone – så man kan bambusa i fler miljöer
…den är mer intuitiv att arbeta med – se en 1åring – de förstår många av gesterna som kan nyttjas
…den är inte “jobbet” – den är litet mer lekfull som maskin än datorn
Vilka fördelar hittar du?

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I just found a GREAT reason to get the iPad2: in areas of poor 3G coverage where your iPhone is out of reach your iPad often finds access.- this due to its better antenna and hence reception. However – in my current version, no camera is available.- but the iPad2’s got one!

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Maybe rumors – but two different sources claim software and hardware to be scheduled for fall this year:

Mashable – hardware

TechCrunch – software

Since the current iPad2 is merely a face lift – we may end up with a great event in September releasing

iPhone 5

IOS 5.0

iPad 3

What a great ending of this summer!

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Exciting is a small word. More here!

Some of the folders and keyboard solutions will fit the new iPad better, some worse. Stay tuned! (as I try out the Zaggmate)

/in Göteborg/Gothenburg, this is Johan Lange

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The market is flooded with rumours on all kinds of pads this Spring. And of course, iPad2 is one of them. There’s been rumours of a 7″ machine with retina display. Now, this rumour tells another story:

* same form factor (facing you as a user)

* front facing camera (for conference calls and more)

* faster processor

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This is a really convenient way to be on top of your info when visiting conferences:

1 Install Evernote on all of your devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac.

2. Make sure they all synchronize – try a simple message, click “synchronize” and check your devices.

3. You’re all set! Now try my workflow:

A. Open Evernote, click “Take a picture” and do it, maybe the presenter with a slide being shown

B. Continue your work on your Mac, maybe a summary of the conference.

C. I have my iPad, following the hash mark of the conference, for any comment by attendees – or the ones following the livestream from elsewhere

D. Soon, the picture is available on both your iPad and your Mac

E. On your iPad you may now share the picture to the flow by simply dragging and dropping the picture – from Evernote to your Twitter client. Upload and done

F. On your Mac, include the picture in your notes by dragging and dropping the picture from Evernote to your text editor

(G. When writing books, I prefer to drag the files into “Research” of the Scrivener Writing tool, found here.

I strongly recommend the Evernote Podcast!

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If you hate computers buet love what they do – get an iPad

If you’re activities can’t take ANY strike in terms of downage, unsynch.. – get an iPad

If you’re activities include a lot of writing – get an Air.

If you need a complement to your stationary Mac – and still write a lot – get an Air.  If reading is your major break-away task – get an iPad

So what did I get – all. But that’s another story. I travel a lot and make use of all of their features!

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