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Lots of kickoffs of course fulfill the most important issues in our organizations – to have fun and build our teams. However too many are not reaching the target:
To make it obvious to us that  all colleagues are needed and are our local experts.

An “un-conference” can make up for this! Why not make at least part of your coming kickoff an unconf?

Cognition: Really great way to share knowledge, get acquainted, get feedback, clash ideas, make speakers listen and listeners talk

Coaching: Great opportunity to learn of other perspectives, give and receive feedback

Unified communication: make use of your tools as webcams, chat rooms, live streaming, sharing

Lean and structure: make some meetings and sharing tools regular in your everyday life at work, work with “no blame” focus, for groups of continuous improvements, build structures together

How to do it:

1. Arrange for a couple of spots – outside or inside depending on location, time and weather

2. make up a grid of the localities in colums and time slots (hour by hour is preferable)

3. at a certain moment – relase the spots, make people go for 20 min or 40 minute spots, 10 and 20 min’s are for questions, respectively

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