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Yes, it’s true! The Eye-Fi You can flow your pictures and videos to a number of sites including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and more. Set up the SD card in your Mac or PC, enter data and allow for access – and you’re done! The SD card includes a wifi transmitter that carries your pictures and videos to your designated sites – BUT ONLY IN LISTED WIFI SITES. The ones you listed at setup.

Any con’s? Well, accidentally uploaded pictures MAY be a problem – I’ll feedback some experiences as they grow. What happens once you enter an area with an open wifi network?


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This is a really convenient way to be on top of your info when visiting conferences:

1 Install Evernote on all of your devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac.

2. Make sure they all synchronize – try a simple message, click “synchronize” and check your devices.

3. You’re all set! Now try my workflow:

A. Open Evernote, click “Take a picture” and do it, maybe the presenter with a slide being shown

B. Continue your work on your Mac, maybe a summary of the conference.

C. I have my iPad, following the hash mark of the conference, for any comment by attendees – or the ones following the livestream from elsewhere

D. Soon, the picture is available on both your iPad and your Mac

E. On your iPad you may now share the picture to the flow by simply dragging and dropping the picture – from Evernote to your Twitter client. Upload and done

F. On your Mac, include the picture in your notes by dragging and dropping the picture from Evernote to your text editor

(G. When writing books, I prefer to drag the files into “Research” of the Scrivener Writing tool, found here.

I strongly recommend the Evernote Podcast!

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Lots of my on-line friends just LOVE #Starbucks. Why is that? Isn’t it just a business idea gone wild and consumers indoctrinated like Apple fans? Well, as I see it – Starbucks share something with Apple. What is best explained by one of my fav speakers – Simon Sinek. The “Golden Circle” of how great leaders inspire. Be it Apple, Dr Martin Luther King – or Starbucks! Presentation here.

To follow Sineks idea:
Why are you doing what you do – what’s your passion?
Why do people go to cafes – and what can we do for them – and still make money enough to continue doing it? Well, people who get there with friends want a cozy environment, great music but not on a too high level. People who are there alone will most likely either read a book, a paper, a magazine – or go online. Let’s make it easier!

How will you do it? – what’s your strategy?
Making stuff available, building a relationship, offering something more than others…

What will you do – what actions and services will you make available?
Offering wifi for free – a co-operative service with AT&T is great for visitors – and most likely an advantage for the big operator.
Not only a page where the visitor agrees with certain rules and ethics – but also stuff of value and relationship- building activities. Smart!

This way I got to learn of the

* free download tune on Tuesdays
* The Reagan book on Leadership – great reading!
* More on growing coffee, fair trade…

and there’s sooo much more – visit http://www.starbucks.com and see for yourself!

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