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Three singers in a vocal ensemble out of the Stockholm Nation of Uppsala University. An instruction video for the 10 head group went viral. One of our commercial TV channels TV4 covered it (live performance at the end!)

The Guardian covered the story

They of course checked rights with Robyn (@robynkonichiwa on Twitter) – a talent musician all interested in music and internet as well as cutting value chains should keep track of!

Now, you may want to look into this group. They don’t read sheet music. In fact, they learn singing the pretty much the way we learned singing in the Barbershop Chorus where I started singing in ’92

It’s about listening, releasing passion and performing in a way that engages and includes the audience. Traditional choir singing is beautiful and often difficult, but where’s the passion? No solo singer would sing from a binder…

This chorus is bound for success – why not visit us a Friday soon at Club Jambalaya? You are certainly MOST welcome!


I have mine – you start!

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Maybe rumors – but two different sources claim software and hardware to be scheduled for fall this year:

Mashable – hardware

TechCrunch – software

Since the current iPad2 is merely a face lift – we may end up with a great event in September releasing

iPhone 5

IOS 5.0

iPad 3

What a great ending of this summer!

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Buildning your own business – and succeeding – is something I wish every single person could live through. Althoug I understand all do not share this dream… Without realizing it – I have accumulated huge amounts of printed media – others, yes – but also my own. Reasons being keeping track, control maybe. But overview diminishes in piles of paper – and both keeping track and control are lost. The solution? Scanning!!!

So, I saw the new scanner at the Apple Store – planned to get it – but gave my HP All-in-one a final chance. And after downloading the Snow Leopard version for my Photosmart C8100 it’s like Sleeping Beauty waking up once more. That cumbersome machine now dances all from Riverdance to Super Bowl mid-game entertainment!

So – my first choice was to attack the piles of  business cards. Beying  I recently scanned ALL of mine, freeing space in my office space. Relying on inventive services and apps being able to search, organise and update all my data. In a quiet moment, pleased with the rapidly diminishing piles – I realised something else. Midst of all that – add, scan , store, throw aways… Suddenly I understood that as my piles of cards shrunk – my story grew. The story of the people that made me the one i am today. Like an archeologist I made my way through weeks, months – and eventually – years.

I’ve always taken notes on business cards. They now together make up quite an interesting timeline of my business (and probably of me as well!) Now, what if I’d scan everything that passes my hands? Are there anything that I can let go of? May I become the “scanning monk”? Isn’t that what it’s about for monks – having access to “everything” while having few earthly belongings…

Amazing what a scanner can do for you in an afternoon…

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Yes, it’s true! The Eye-Fi You can flow your pictures and videos to a number of sites including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and more. Set up the SD card in your Mac or PC, enter data and allow for access – and you’re done! The SD card includes a wifi transmitter that carries your pictures and videos to your designated sites – BUT ONLY IN LISTED WIFI SITES. The ones you listed at setup.

Any con’s? Well, accidentally uploaded pictures MAY be a problem – I’ll feedback some experiences as they grow. What happens once you enter an area with an open wifi network?


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