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But we need open API:s!

I attended the excellent Big Data session hosted by Andrew McAfee at “Enterprise 2.0” in Boston this June. Read more…

Big Data (huge volumes of data with huge impacts when correlated) has meant big business for big companies for some time now. But how about us small ones? Well, as Internet evevolves, the good stuff moves into our niches as well.

How will I benefit from Big Data? Running my own company I still have stats that will be great for both internal and external use.

A prerequisite for this is Open API:s – here’s a report from PWC on that. Thanks Magnus Kolsjo!

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I’m attending several of the “Big Data” seminars at the Enternterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. You may think “yeah right, it’s fine for the big corporations” but is it? What can I do as a sole entrepreneur?

My first takes: Gather data on my own business activities:
* Business trips
* Sales of my LUCK Concept book (soon available in English)
* Library lendings of my LUCK book in Sweden
* Correlations between the above
* Something I haven’t thought about yet

So, Visualizing of data will mean a lot. Further actions available around this:

Gamification – guessing game / quiz on data
Business Driver – following sales and lendings will most likely drive sales and interest in the LUCK concept.

What more is there to do?
(stay tuned for the opening of my LUCK e-shop opening soon: luckconcept.com)

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