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Now a day after the completion of the Enterprise 2.0 conference (from now on “E2”) things are slowly coming to a level possible to grasp. Some of the areas I will cover the next couple of days include:

Race against the Machine
Reverse Mentoring
The meaning of Big Data – even for the sole entrepreneur
Visualization of Big Data
Game Dynamics and Gamification

I’m looking forward to interacting with you on this!

Johan – currently in Boston, MA

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Not surprised at all… All managers who apply a coaching philosophy to their leadership will be the winners in the long run. I come to think of the old saying in Sales “Selling is not telling”. Neither is leadership.

More on this from Financial Post here

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Nokia and Microsoft today announced the alliance on Windows Portable 7. Link here. The strategy and investors briefing is at 12 am/Noon UK time.

In the Q&A, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, took into areas I haven’t yet heard him talk about. The question on the amount of “the huge staff of Vice Presidents and how the cuts in staff will influence this”. I got the impression this took the lid off the bucket. “We are in a position where we need to increase speed to market, develop our processes, work smarter, co-operate more”. Nokia are in my eyes showing the same signs of¬† “fat and happy diesease” soo many others have shown in history.

Transitions aren’t easy – but look at Caterpillar, IBM, Ericsson and others. Once organisations grow, they will soon get into elephantiasis – growing out of proportions, establishing more people in the top, increasing bonuses, meanwhile forgetting the core business, slowing down, losing the drive and eventually time to market, quality.

I’m re-reading the book “Leading Change” by Paul Kotter. Read it and I think you’ll agree it could actually be about Nokia.

My outside view is a ship with too slow speed, carrying goods the market is turning away from, moving at too low speed with lots of staff around the captain. Solution? Clearing the map, sort out necessary staff and products, delegate change to staff who gets it, fire “hot air managers”, use both top–down and bottom — up approach to get to the “strategic to tactic” transition of leadership, change awareness – and responsibility. Coach on all that supports the new direction, follow up on ALL that doesn’t. Be present from top level at start – to ensure all staff understands this is for real and see you act. Then fast delegate, trust, followup and use challenging/championing.

Lots to take in from the LUCK concept, actually! ūüôā

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Brave people in Tunisia. Spreading the word to neigboring countries. The military (as always – mostly a part of the people and common man) regret to shoot at country-men, -women (and children!)

Change is here. It is delayed in some places, yes. But make no misstake. President Obama can never support ANY country that rejects democracy.

As claimed by Victor Hugo “there is nothing as strong as an idea whose time has come”. I believe now is the time. Change will come. Democracy has many disadvantages – but as Winston Churchill put it

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” …a House of Commons speech on Nov. 11, 1947

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