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Remember the Sci-Fi books where we all were supposed to get a tiny chip in our brain. Often connected story-wise with tales of “Big Brother watches you”? Well, as we see now, that idea was dead from the start. Imagine you got that chip in the eighties…

Putting a device with a lifespan of significantly less than five years (i e the computer) into something that probably lives for AT LEAST another ten or fifteen years is just – ridicolous!

What we learn is our brain is ready for most of stuff that will happen in the future. Forget about chips, welcome great user interaction. As almost newborn babies get it – the Apple iPhone “swipe open” is an example of this extremely human interface. This article tells us we’re not only fond of our iPhones – we actually LOVE them! Read more…

I’m pretty sure additional tests may show that great apps and services like Evernote and Dropbox trigger areas of our brain normally triggered by acts of co-operational work at the workplace. As long as we provide great interfaces, our brain is ready to adopt!

As for what the fridge goes – “Just add an API”! And soon you’ll here it “there’s an app for that!”

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