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Du vet hur vi ibland pratar om våra säljare i verksamheten. “Ordermottagare” säger någon. Ibland är det sant. Jag har själv varit i verksamheter som är så perfekt tajmade att vi kunde ställa varorna på lastkajen – så kom kunden och hämtade. Det är få förunnat – och på en överutbudsmarknad som de flesta av oss möter dagligen krävs något HELT annat – att kunna förutse behov LÅNGT innan kunden själv gör det.

Men hur är det med er IT-avdelning? Ser de era behov långt innan ni själva gör det – eller springer de på ideliga brandkårsutryckningar? Går deras tid åt till detta är risken att det strategiska och tekniskt framåtblickande tänket går mot noll. Här är en verksamhet som revolutionerar filmklippningen. Vad skulle detta motsvara hos er?

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So you’ve just got at few days off? Or  if you’re fortunate – a couple of weeks. And when you arrive to that place – or just accidentally opened your eyes to your garden at home – things grow. Rapidly.
But – before you cut branches and mowe the lawn – wait for  a minute… Move around, check what’s happening. What flowers never made it before? What advances have been made in that apple tree? You may have to let that tree go – but take the chance to learn how Mother Nature would handle this if you weren’t there! Now go ahead. But spend less energy on this and more on the following:

“What can we learn from the Garden?” A lot, it seems! But only if we are willing to open our eyes – and mediate. That is “understanding, finding conclusions – and cross-fertilize with your own areas of expertise”. Like Management. And Leadership.

Summertime is in many countries a time when juniors and youngsters get their chance to try this thing “WORK”. What are their expectations? What are their ideas? What new can they bring to your organization? And your ordinary subordinates – what will they do once you’re on vacation? Before you start mowing the lawn, why not examine the Garden of Work together? There are excellent ways of doing it! You will find hints in Lean Leadership, Six Sigma tools – and my coming book on the LUCK Concept.

Meanwhile – are you willing to try?

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We learn great many things from game developers on how to keep gamers gaming, going deeper in the game, investing more. It strikes me over and over agaian – those are all tools of à great leader.

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The last couple of days, I’ve supported organisations in leading change, adjusting means and measures, and attitudes to change. Have you noticed how things find you when you need them? (Although I believe in another explanation!)

THE first is an ancient native American saying, the second is a quote by Abe Lincoln, the 16th American President.

The first: Their word for crisis and trouble also meant “a gift allowing you to learn and grow”

The second: “in times of trouble and hardship we shall not raise TO the challenge – but WITH it!”

To me – they both mean “we have it in us” – “we are prepared” – so trust yourself, co-create with friends and colleagues. Good luck!

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