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Ever tried “getting things done”?
Tried a SYSTEM?

Want a dead right surely working system?

We need to understand or brain’s functionality in behaviour:
First, we need a trigger. Something that starts it all. (Like an insight: I never get the RIGHT things done)

Second, behave. Act. We do what we expect will solve the situation. Make us accepted, and maybe even loved.
Third, here comes the reward. The fireworks that go off in our Limbic System as we encounter all the cheers and glory.

Let’s jump back for a while to reality: Guess what most of us do at the very beginning of our workday? Yup, switch on the computer – and check incoming mail.  Now, if ythat’s your work – go ahead. But for most of us, it’s not! We may talk ourselves into that it is, but it just MIGHT be a fast response reaction to sustain pain.

Wanna try something?
Skip your computer and mail. No worries, you’ll be back in minutes!
Now, go get a clean piece of paper. And get a pen. Preferably a BIG one.
Words put down with big pen seems to have big effects.

Now – figure out THREE things you REALLY want to get done in your workday.
Note only the KEY words. Speak out the words. At first, it may feel a bit awkward,
But after a while your colleagues will cherish and support your “goals of the day”.

Once one of them is achieved – victory sign, ENJOY (release your endorfins!!!) and small celebration. (you’ve now looped the first trigger-action-reward)

When you can get the time, finish the other two – AND PERFORM THE LOOP EVERY TIME!

Try this for a week – then evaluate. If you quit celebrating your achievements, so will your results. But now you are on a higher level of conciousness – you now know the way back:

Find Triggers
Act with pride
Celebrate and reflect!

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The mechanics of how our brains shape our memory is one of my main topics while scanning media. As most management consultants, I too fall into habits. and for now, it’s a lot about memory.
Just the other day I learned that a memory that’s here to stay takes about a week to be established. Searching for patterns of learning, I added Scrum to this. Or rather, Agile Project Management. With its repetitive manner and team-shaping effects, it’s inevitable it’s gonna kickstart amygdala, hence enforcing memory imprints. Agile/normally calls for 30-day “sprints” with deliverables able for test in some way. Also part of the winning concept are the daily short (5-15 minutes) of feedback and short-term planning.

I have to look more into these neurological-agile openings!

What do YOU think?

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