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Get ready!!! All too many people tell me “well, we’ll dive into lean and other improvement strategies if you start showing red”. Well, sorry – that’s gonna be FAR too late. Just like the universe – the pace of development is not slowing down. Despite economical crisis (and there are GOOD reasons there IS a crisis) development does not by far slow down.

And more and more corporations and organisations are getting the mechanisms of transparency! Now, that’s nothing new – chefs all over the world have shown transparency pays off! Used to be filthy places where your food was prepared – Is: clean places – the Hotel Anglais in Stockholm, Sweden even replaced their back wall with a huge glass screen!

Check this story on Nike on processexcellencenetwork.com and consider if there’s anything here for you to learn?

The article claims improvements include:

50% reduction in defect rates
40% faster lead times
20% improvement in productivity
30% reduction in time taken to introduce a new model “

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