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From time to time I hear the opinion “do not go for volume – but for few friends, and quality”. I agree it can apply to friendship in real life. But when it comes to internet services, I disagree strongly! Now, of course – do as you please, I’ll just elaborate on my view:

1. The close friends are part of the volume.
If you invite (or accept) many friends, nothing stops you from being close to the ones who are indeed closer to you. And more general i communication, as they expect exactly that.

2. Services handle both.
Yes, most services are introducing “close friends” (called Stars in some services) and “contacts”.

3. You know nothing about most people.
Let’s say you should only add “important” people – how would you judge? By title? How do you know what titles mean the most to your offering – in THEIR everyday work? Simply put – you don’t.

4. Behind every follower rest 20 – 500 people
In the BNI “Business Network International” network, originating in the US, now covering most of the world, I learned that behind every person you can have access to their network. Only available when they feel trust in you. It’s very easy to judge the wolf by the fur…

5. You know very little of other people’s needs.
But they know. Let them decide! If you are open with your offerings – and listen well, lots of people will find you. Why closing anyone out from this?

6. Pure statistics.
What’s the statistics you run into a new customer on town? Pretty low, yet higher than zero. And on the internet?

What do YOU think?

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