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Ever argued with relatives what really happened when that picture was taken? Well, does anyone really know?

Time to give more feedback to your employees? Often when I work with managers and groups feedback and other communication gets stuck in “right-or-wrong-discussions”. Communication like this often ends up in lost motion forward. So, what to do?

Research into our memory system of our brain reveals that we seem to remember things not the way they were. Now, this has been known for a long time – “reality” is filtered through our perceptive filters. We also tend to enter parts of our personality into memories. This has been known also for some time. What’s new is we seem to remember things the way we need to remember them! We remeber them the way it serves us best right now

Conclusions from this? Maybe in feedback, and in appraisals – when memories of important issues and actions differ – why not ask the unexptected question “How come we remeber it so differently?” and “What may be the reasons for our different memories?” and definitely “What can we learn from this?”

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