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In our new era of the internetz, does it pay off to travel to promote your concept and book?
In 1.0 terms – no. You do not sell enough books unless you’re a celeb writer. For the rest of us – no. Train tickets, accomodation spins your budget. But…

But: in 2.0 terms, it’s different. Your presence will rush your book and concept to the top or at least top three in some people’s brains and reality. Provided…

Provided you have dialog tools supporting you. Great thing: They’re here! Even better: most of them are free! Yes, Internet changes EVERYTHING! Everything you can se, touch – but even everything you can feel and think will be influenced! Followers…

Followers are fans that are interconnected, and often even more convinced and hooked on the concept than you. Your followers are your tru heroes! The support you in so many means. It’s not for free. It costs…

It costs your engagement. Your ability even identify followers! Feed them. With what? I don’t know, but you’re free to ask! Even by just asking you’ll see wheels turning, processes started. Your network gers stronger – and wider by means of digital engagement AND physical meetings. Your digital reputation is enhanced by your physical meeting. Jumping…

Jumping into the unknown is essential here! I’ll experience the next level of this as I release the English version of my book on the #LUCKconcept

How about you?
What are your experiences – and plans?

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Watching this video makes you think. It shows how US Air lost a customer.

Now, what can we do to retain and even make former customers return?

I claim all organizations now have a few, maybe 5 years to think – about

1. who their customer is

2. why that customer goes for your solution

3. follow and listen to those (and other, possible) customers

4. adapt internally to the needs, challenges and demands your customer may have

(The hardest is often no. 4, although it ought to be the easiest one, as we all in our organization have control over it. Life proves different – very hard to give up power and richness)

Lean offers excellent ways to examine and learn at work. Day out, day in. Keep the mood up, bring the team together. Lean leadership asks for coaching skills and basic understanding of our brain functions. They are all in the LUCK concept, as is social media for the improved and enhanced communication.

Do you agree? What changes should you be considering this very day?

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