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I was recently asked this question by a great customer and I thought you may be as interested as them?I’ve gathered three things I’ve noticed recently. (Now, they may all be just MY impression, but I see these trends in soooo many organisations):

Morning calls or MorningMeetings.
As most businesses face an ever-increasing complexity in their environment, more specialized roles of employees (making it impossigle for ANY CEO to keep an eye on everyting) and where misstakes are costly, we need to meet and synchronize. Well, I call it “back to the campfire”. We human beeings are great at reflecting and planning.

More and more managers and leaders are speaking of the “art of leadership”.
“State of the leadership” is showing up more and more frequently. Thus, involving their employees not only in the day-to-day basis of work – but indeed the control mechanisms in detail. Again – stakes are high – we all need to make sure we utilize our resources in the best possible manner.

The returnof Joy.
As more and more managers are getting the coaching style and Lean philosophies, fun returns to the workplace. We are more and more breaking the chains of freudian models where focus was mainly on fixing your weaknesses…  Well, challenges are met with strengths and if we can do it with joy we may have access to all of our inner resources.

What’s your view on this?

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