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I love my customers. Always have. But sometimes I’d love some of them to dare just a little bit more. To take another a step out to the unknown. Try some new stuff. However good we know new use of technology, no matter how clearly it visualizes – most people hesitate.

To get further – Pictures, videos and blogs are essential. And role models. In most large organizations information flows way to slowly. Worse, change management halters. Good intentions stay in people’s heads and minds and never reach reality.

What’s needed? As human beings we nned to know we’re not alone. Nobody wants to take the first step. But you’d be surprised how many think your way. But – you’ll never now if you don’t communicate!

You’ll see a number of tipping points where all of this tips over and things start happening in a new way. And you just MAY regret you weren’t earlier.  If things are too slow at work, why not find new role models? If you think photos and videos are still not utilized at work – what about “augmented reality“?

What’s AR – Augmented Reality – getting access to the information you need. When you need it. Where you need it. In the shape you need it. Text, stats, sketches, drawings, photos, video… Why not have a look at what IKEA is doing? IKEA prints and ships 210 million copies of their catalog annually.


It’s a great manner to get a free ride into revolutionizing ways to use data.

Imagine the ease to Mother Nature as the catalog goes digital – imagine the release on CO2 emissions less shipped paperware. And – as we get used to using their improved catalog – are you ready to dare some of this at work?

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We all use expressions like “Seeing is believing” or “I believe it when I see it” and more recently “Pic(ture) or it didn’t happen!”

I agree – most of us get a lot more of the information available if we’re able to SEE it!

Here’s a recent work by Hampus Brynolf of Intellecta Corporate. This page is in Swedish – but the visual speaks over all languages (at least the ones using latin letters)

Short facts:
* 299,000 accounts defined as Swedish ones
* more than 50% are registered this year
* 171,000 tweeted at least once that month of the measurement
* the most active – one tweet a day – are 53,000 a good increase

Here’s the graph!



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I’m attending several of the “Big Data” seminars at the Enternterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. You may think “yeah right, it’s fine for the big corporations” but is it? What can I do as a sole entrepreneur?

My first takes: Gather data on my own business activities:
* Business trips
* Sales of my LUCK Concept book (soon available in English)
* Library lendings of my LUCK book in Sweden
* Correlations between the above
* Something I haven’t thought about yet

So, Visualizing of data will mean a lot. Further actions available around this:

Gamification – guessing game / quiz on data
Business Driver – following sales and lendings will most likely drive sales and interest in the LUCK concept.

What more is there to do?
(stay tuned for the opening of my LUCK e-shop opening soon: luckconcept.com)

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