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Android will most likely – maybe with Windows Mobile – cut the Lion Share of the market. Thanks! That will make them a more likely target for malware, viruses, hoax, trojans, worms et cetera. We, Apple fans – are extremely happy for this. There are always great wins to be in a niche. I believe normal driving forces of human beings and game dynamics will prove this to be true.

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I am in the midst of getting everything to work together. A thrilling time.

Daniel H. Pink wrote about “Digital Marxism” in his book “Free Agent Nation” – meaning there is now means
for all freelancers to really live Karl Marx’ ideas on taking power over the tools of production. Now,
with smart tools, apps and software – I realize I will soon be able to write and publish books, keep
my CRM system up-to-date as well as editing pictures. All on the iPad – or somewhere else in the
chain-of-inputs: iPhone, iPad or Mac Book Pro.

Here is a coming app for the iPad: scanning and OCR-ing text. No more piles of business cards
swinging around the desk…

Recently, got some more apps for the iPad – will keep you posted on hints, tips and findings!

Do YOU have workflow tips and hints?

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